UK – Covid effects

From Missy in the UK:

As with most of the world COVID has been the main story and the way the Government has dealt with it. This week however came stories that are starting to show the non-economic impact of the Government’s lockdown and concentration on COVID.

It is now estimated that there will be at least 75,000 extra (preventable) deaths from cancer due to the NHS stopping all ‘non-essential’ treatments (what that meant in the early part of the year was non-COVID treatment), and therefore removing not only treatment but diagnosis for cancers. At least 1 million women have missed breast cancer screening, previous statistics suggest this will translate into 8,000 positive tests for Breast Cancer, meaning these women have missed out on early diagnosis and early treatment, increasing their chances of dying, if there are similar numbers for other cancers then it truly is scary.

On top of that on two separate occasions we have had thousands of people removed from the official death figure from COVID, and it is expected that only about .01% of the COVID deaths are not from those with pre-existing conditions, many of whom possibly would have died this year anyway.

We are staring down the barrel of a possible further lockdown for winter, though the politicians keep saying they don’t want that, however, it is hard to believe them as it is no different to what was being said in March just before the lockdown.

The threat of new lockdown is in place despite very few cases and hospital admissions, deaths from COVID are currently about 5 times lower than flu deaths – which are about average.

UK totals from Worldometer as at 1 October 2020:

  • Total cases – 453,264
  • Cases per 1 million population – 6,668
  • Total deaths – 42,143
  • Deaths per 1 million population – 620

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  1. David

     /  2nd October 2020

    Are people there scared of Covid or annoyed at the restrictions ?

    • Both, I think, if what we saw on the news is anything to go by.

      We heard earlier about the preventable deaths, but the number will have increased greatly since then. If these are roughly double the number of C19 deaths, I can’t see that the lockdown is the brilliant idea that it was made out to be (not on that scale, anyway)

      I would guess that, as the death rate for prostate cancer is about the same as for breast cancer, so that’s 8000 blokes who’ve had a death warrant signed.

      Mentioning that the people who have died were, for the most part, on borrowed time is likely to elicit cries of putting a price on human life…

    • Missy

       /  4th October 2020

      As Kitty says, both. It is very divided, there are those on Social Media and in the Media who are scared and demanding lockdowns and taking in every doom and gloom scenario, and then there are a lot who are more annoyed at the restrictions (such as they are).

      The revolt is also on in Parliament, and allegedly the Cabinet. Rishi Sunak gave a speech last week in Parliament outlining new financial assistance and at the end he stated it was time to stop living in fear and to start living normally and going about our business. This was seen very much as him being against any further restrictions.

      Alternatively to this we have a Mayor in London who flip flops on his stance depending on what the Government is doing (he tries to be the opposite). He has gone from continue life as normal, to don’t travel, to travel if you have to, to stay in, to get some time outdoors, to go out in London for the sake of the city, to don’t go out, to stay home. He is currently advocating for a London lockdown to begin as soon as possible. I am never quite sure what the Mayor’s point of view on this is, I cannot wait for the election next year and am keeping my fingers crossed it isn’t delayed again.

  2. Blazer

     /  2nd October 2020

    Haven’t heard from resident Covid ‘expert’ Pink David for awhile.

    He resides in Melbourne,I hope he hasn’t met BJ’s fate.


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