Voting in NZ starts today

While voting from overseas in this year’s general election (plus two referendums) began a few days ago, today marks the opening of voting in New Zealand. We can vote from 3 October through to ‘election day’ on Saturday 17 October.

Some links to help with deciding and voting:

Sites to help learn and decide:

On The Fence
Wondering who to vote for this election?
Discover which parties best match your values.

Vote Compass
– a tool developed by political scientists that calculates how your political views compare with party platforms.

Policy makes voting easy: all the policies, parties and candidates, all in one place. See where the parties stand on key issues, find out who’s running in your area, and pick the policies and candidates you like most to help you decide who to vote for.

Policy states “On 17 October, NZ will vote in the most important election of a generation” – this is inaccurate, voting starts today and runs for 15 days, and claiming it is “the most important election of a generation” is very subjective and debatable.

Under MMP we get two votes.

The vote for a party is the key one because that determines the number of seats each party will get, and therefore effectively determines which party or parties will form a Government.

As we saw for the first time last election the party with the most seats and votes doesn’t necessarily get to lead the Government. Getting a combined party majority is what matters.

The vote for an electorate candidate has no effect on the overall number of seats in Parliament, so you can vote for the candidate you think will best represent your electorate regardless of which party they belong to.

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  1. Duker

     /  3rd October 2020

    From the map I was surprised at the large numbers of early voting places in my electorate , seems like most of the usual election day places are now early voting as well, as well as in large malls

    • I voted in a mall last time as I was in town anyway and saw the booth. It’s really good not to have those long, long queues that we used to have; the person who thought of the new system deserves a medal.

  2. John J Harrison

     /  3rd October 2020

    Duker, Blazer et al will be absolutely thrilled to know I shook hands with our next Prime Minister at the Urban Market in Napier this morning.
    Security let me through as I am such a handsome and youthful stud.
    For those interested Judith will be at the Hastings race track this afternoon hoovering up disenchanted Labour votes by the thousands.

    • Jack

       /  3rd October 2020

      I popped in to St Stephens on a scary spur of moment to vote in 2017. My voting deed was against the law since I was trespassed from ‘their property’.

  3. Duker

     /  3rd October 2020

    Collins debate untruths catching up with her
    Judith Collins’ claims Samoa ‘closed its borders a month before New Zealand’ fact-checked as false’

    “When will that be open for people to see their families or holiday – how quickly do you want to get the Pacific open?”
    Collins answered: “A country like Samoa, it closed its borders a month before New Zealand did. So, so much for hard and early – they actually did.”

    So wasnt just a mislabeled graph it was the core of her claim – ‘So much for hard and early.’

    So much for her credibility…this aint Gerry spreading falsehoods as ‘asking questions’, we are back to the dirty politics days when her …credibility was trashed by her big bald […]

    The ‘question’ has to be asked , has Judith an honest bone her body ?


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