UMR poll

I can’t find any reference to the polling period, but a UMR poll is being circulated. It is quite similar to the most recent UMR poll 25 August – 2 September on Opinion polling for the 2020 New Zealand general election (result in brackets):

  • Labour 50% (53%)
  • National 29% (29%)
  • Act 7% (6.2%)
  • Greens 6% (3.2%)
  • NZ First 2.7% (3.9%)

The only significant change (upwards) is for the Greens.

Here’s the latest trend chart that doesn’t include this poll (but it will make little difference):

So it looks very good for Labour and Act, borderline for Greens, bad for National and terminal for NZ First.

Up until Monday 1,282,478 people had voted so it would take a massive disaster or miracle to change things much now.

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  1. Ray

     /  14th October 2020

    I had to oversee voting in a Resthome yesterday.
    I have voted in 18 elections ( they changed the law to allow me to vote young) but certainly doubled that yesterday.
    It involved reading the ballot papers and ensuring that their votes were recorded correctly, a little discussion about the referendum was appropriate to ensure that.
    I don’t think it breaks the spirit of the law to say that despite opinion by the “experts” NZFirst received no support, and cannabis likewise.
    Considering that most of the people there are facing the decisions around the End of Life Bill right now, their opinions on that were interesting, just about all in favour which was a bit surprising. Very definite no on cannabis.
    “They want to stop smoking but make weed legal!”


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