Covid surging in Europe

BBC – Covid rules: What are the latest three-tier restrictions?

Northern Ireland has imposed new restrictions to try to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The announcement comes on the back of England’s new three-tier system, announced earlier this week.

Every area of England now falls into three categories – medium (Tier One), high (Tier Two) or very high (Tier Three), depending on the local rate of infection.

Guardian: Wales to ban visitors from Covid hotspots elsewhere in UK

People who live in Covid-19 hotspots in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are to be banned from travelling to Wales, the Welsh first minister has announced.

Mark Drakeford said he had asked for the “necessary work” to take place to allow devolved powers to be used to prevent people from travelling into Wales from “high prevalence” areas.

The Welsh government is likely to stop people who live in tier two and three areas of England from travelling to anywhere in Wales. Residents of the whole of Northern Ireland and the central belt of Scotland are also set to be banned.

Stuff: As virus surges in Europe, hospitals in Milan, Italy, are under pressure again

Coronavirus infections are surging anew in the northern Italian region where the pandemic first took hold in Europe, putting pressure again on hospitals and health care workers.

At Milan’s San Paolo hospital, a ward dedicated to coronavirus patients and outfitted with breathing machines reopened this weekend, a sign that the city and the surrounding area is entering a new emergency phase of the pandemic.

Months after Italy eased one of the globe’s toughest lockdowns, the country is now recording well over 5000 new infections a day – eerily close to the highs of the spring – as the weather cools and a remarkably relaxed summer of travel and socializing fades into memory.

Italy is not the only European country seeing a resurgence – and, in fact, is faring better than its neighbours this time around. Italy’s cases per 100,000 residents have doubled in the last two weeks to nearly 87 – a rate well below countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Britain that are seeing between around 300 to around 500 per 100,000. 

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    • Alan Foster

       /  15th October 2020

      Yes, looks like masks & self isolation (esp for over 60s) every year & there goes the overseas tourist trade unless there’s a great vaccine.

      • Wouldn’t mass and even ‘free’ vaccinations be cheaper than annual lockdowns ? Or is that too obvious and undramatic ?

        • Blazer

           /  15th October 2020

          Do you have an effective vaccine available …do you?

          • Flu vaccines (we were talking about FLU) have been available for many years; do try to keep up. You must have heard of flu vaccines by now.

            • Blazer

               /  15th October 2020

              Thread title…’Covid surging…’
              How is lockdown even applicable to a flu vaccine?

              Do try and…make sense!

            • Do….learn to read and comprehend….The two replies above mine were referring to NZ being in lockdown and wearing masks to beat flu in the future; it has been much lower here than usual because of the lockdowns….

              NB: influenza means flu.

              You are probably doing the classroom thing of pretending not to understand so as to make the person spell it out over and over. It won’t work, I am not going to be drawn into it. If you genuinely don’t understand the first three comments, that’s unfortunate.

  1. From what I remember of Wales at this time of year, no one would want to visit anyway. I was there one October and it was a long, cold month. Nothing would induce me to go there again at this time of year.

  2. Brian Johnston

     /  15th October 2020

    This was all forecast when Covid first appeared. I tell ya guys, the man and the dog are working together. The masks are dust masks and not suitable against Covid which will pass straight through. The [deleted]

    Conspiracy Theory [Comic Strip] «TwistedSifter

    • “The masks are dust masks” – I don’t know what you mean by this, but from the Ministry of Health “Dust masks are not recommended as they have a one-way valve, which would allow droplets to spread if a person coughs or sneezes.”

      How masks and face coverings can help protect you against COVID-19

      Wearing a mask or face covering can reduce the risk of people who have COVID-19 spreading the virus to others.

      A mask or face covering can help stop infectious droplets spreading when a person speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes. This is referred to as ‘source control’.

      Reusable masks – fabric, washable

      Re-usable fabric masks ideally have three layers of fabric and can be purchased through retail outlets, online or you can make your own.

      The Ministry of Health recommends approximately four fabric reusable (washable) face masks per family member.

      Disposable masks – including medical grade and non-medical masks

      Medical masks are designed for use by health care workers. These masks are designed to provide a protective barrier between the health care worker and the people they are treating to reduce transmission of infectious diseases and are used in combination with other measures such as hand hygiene and physical distancing when required. They are not reusable and must comply to AS 4381:2015 or international equivalent.

      Surgical masks are intended and designed to be worn by health care professionals during health care procedures. They generally have a higher level of quality testing and are designed to reduce fluid splash and transmission of infectious diseases.

      The Ministry of Health will make sure there is enough supply and distribution of medical and surgical masks for the wider health sector. Ensuring medical, surgical and N95 (or equivalent) masks are available for health care workers and those working in high-risk COVID-19 settings, such as border control, continues to be a priority.

      Non-medical masks do not need to conform to any standard. This means they are not used in medical settings.

      Single use, disposable masks can be purchased from retail stores such as supermarkets or pharmacies.

      • Brian Johnston

         /  15th October 2020

        [WARNING – this comment includes obvious nonsense (a wide variety of masks are used and I have seen no evidence any are dust masks), and other assertions and claims are conspiracy theory level bullshit. I have left the comment only to show some of the things people are trying to promulgate, I won’t allow this site to be used for unfettered fake claims. PG]

        The masks being worn are dust masks. To prevent a virus one would have to wear the equivalent of a gas mask. The totalitarian/communist state of Victoria, the same state that takes in 50% of the the whole of Australia’s traffic fine income is also the state with the most severe lockdown, police brutality and ‘dust’ masks. The criminals even budget for increased traffic fine income an\d at the same time take your licence for too many speeding tickets. Go figure. You have to see this Covid for what it is. Deliberately created as a step to usher in a New World Order. We have been informed there are more Covids or viruses in the future. We should all oppose the (to be mandatory) vaccines. That they will use these tactics to bring in a NWO says something about what is coming.

        • I have seen a few people wearing dust masks, but that proves nothing about masks generally. The fact that some masks are dust masks doesn’t mean that they all are.It’s the old all As are Bs, ergo all Bs are As fallacy.

          The C19 virus may be used as an excuse to control people, but the idea that it was created for this purpose is a bit of a stretch – to put it mildly.

        • Patzcuaro

           /  15th October 2020

          I think a better term would be New World Reality which will be in place until there is an effective vaccine.

        • duperez

           /  15th October 2020

          Tell us how you know Covid is deliberately created as a step to usher in a New World Order. Don’t direct me to some site which is like an out room at an asylum for those beyond help as there is nothing that can be done for them because what there is of their brains are mush.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  15th October 2020

    An article in the Telegraph argues the Government must compel individual compliance otherwise individuals will decide compliance is not worthwhile as they will likely be harmed anyway by those who don’t comply.

    But the same argument holds for nations that elimination is not worthwhile unless all other nations also eliminate. We are living that reality.

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  15th October 2020

    A Japanese study shows aerosol infection loads are twice as bad in dry air compared with humid air. (30:60% humidity). May be why Asia has lower virus rates than Europe.

  5. Tom Hunter

     /  15th October 2020

  6. Brian Johnston

     /  17th October 2020

    A few people on this site should read this story
    [They are not going to find it from here. It has serious credibility problems. PG]

    • Harry

       /  17th October 2020

      End your censorship, PG. [Deleted – I’m not a mouthpiece for anyone. I have made it clear I don’t want this forum to be used as a mouthpiece for unsubstantiated claims and for the promotion of conspiracy theories (aka whacky assertions) – PG].

  7. Brian Johnston

     /  17th October 2020

    To Duperez: I cannot supply any evidence. Pete George will censor it. This site is obviously set up to promote certain narratives. I have been censored merely for having an opposing view.

    • Harry

       /  17th October 2020

      Me too, Brian. Apparently any questioning of the mainstream Covid fear porn narrative is a conspiracy theory. The possibility that a real conspiracy exists must not be mentioned.

  8. Brian Johnston

     /  17th October 2020

    To Kitty C… The evidence is everywhere. You do not appear to understand the term conspiracy, don’t use it. Evidence? Start with the doctors in Germany.
    It has been said that Covid originated in an American weapons lab, from there to China then to the world. Notice how the Covid skipped China’s two major cities and landed in Spain & Italy.
    To Everyone.
    This whole Covid thing is a set for future tyranny. The people unknowingly were monitored for compliance and it was sickening how NZ believed the lot as it poured forth from the left wing media. People wearing dust masks. I boarded a plane and was handed a mask which was not sealed. It was pulled from a bulk bag and handed to me. Where had the hostess’ hands been?
    The whole thing is bizarre.
    Pete George has to understand that censoring peoples views will lead him to eventually only having one view contributed. He could end up with no one with just Pete talking to himself.
    Come on Pete, give us a break, roll with the punches.
    Right Wing sites have a more tolerant view of the left wing than this site has of opposing views.

    • “The evidence is everywhere.”

      I haven’t seen you produce any credible evidence.

      I’ve always welcomed and encouraged opposing and different views here as long as they are well founded and reasonably expressed.

      I’d rather shut down and walk away than allow this place to be taken over by nonsense pedlars.

    • Fight4nz

       /  18th October 2020

      Why does PG have understand anything you assert?
      The history and longevity of this site unequivocally shows that his light handed and judicious approach will assure its continuation.

  9. Brian Johnston

     /  19th October 2020

    Evidence: A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called ‘Doctors For Information’
    say “The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understand that we are in the midst of a global crime”.

    Another group of doctors in Spain

    • This isn’t evidence. You have quoted something but haven’t provided a link. I have searched and can find a handful of references to ‘Doctors For Information’ but they don’t provide any evidence, just claims.

      There are about 392,000 active doctors in Germany. Like anyone else some doctors are capable of believing crank ideas.

      I have sound a related site link: – DOCTORS-FOR-EDUCATION FOUNDATION which claims
      “We doctors help people who suffer from the improper Corona measures”, but also “The founders DOCTORS FOR ENLIGHTENMENT on the HISTORY OF CREATION”.

      As I said, not evidence based.


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