Reid Research pre-election poll

I don’t know why Newshub have done a poll this late in the election campaign. They will probably say something like ‘if an election was held today’, but- somewhere around 2 million people are likely to have voted by over the last two weeks. Perhaps they are trying to get as close to the election result as possible for poll bragging rights.

  • Labour 45.8% (down 4.3)
  • National 31.1% (up 1.5)
  • ACT 7.4% (up 1.1)
  • Greens 6.3% (down 0.2)
  • NZ First 3.5% (up 1.6)
  • New Conservatives 1.7% (down 0.4)
  • TOP 1.3% (up 0.4)
  • Maori Party 0.6% (down 0.9)
  • Advance NZ 0.3% (down 0.3)

Polling was done up until yesterday. The last Reid Research poll was done 16-23 September.

Again not a lot of movement or difference from other recent polls.

It still looks like a Labour + Green government, with or without a Labour majority.

NZ First are up a bit but probably too far from the threshold.

Newshub-Reid Research poll shows Labour with slim majority as National makes slight gain

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  1. David

     /  16th October 2020

    Isnt that a Labour ability to govern alone ? Because of the absolutely f…en ridiculousness of the Greens Ardern could literally govern alone because the Greens would abstain rather than vote against her.
    The NZ Greens would have to be the stupidest party ever to be elected to government successively in NZ. They wield power but then give it away needlessly which is either very sad or that National and Labour are suitably environmentally conscious to make a Green vote irrelevant and hence their voters a bit bloody thick.
    I and many of my friends would happily vote for a Green party that acted for the planet but allowed the mechanism of capitalism to fund the great environment but they are mainly nutty left wingers.

  2. Duker

     /  16th October 2020

    Yes . According to Elections NZ MMP calculator that gives labour 61 seats, greens 8, Act 10 and national is 41
    So 61 gives labour a majority without the greens ( not just abstaining)
    Its useful RR gave numbers to 1 decimal place as that helps decide the small detail of the seat count

    I dont see a problem with the poll in the last week, I presume its ‘have you voted or intend to vote’ question.

    • David

       /  16th October 2020

      Ardern will have to hitch her skirts a little and get on with it, no longer have Winston to blame for her lack of action and no blaming the Greens. Poor girl might have to make a decision and do something or achieve something. I almost feel sorry for her given her god awful cabinet.

      • Duker

         /  16th October 2020

        So you have drunk the cool aid about the competent Key government….it’s not what was said in the first 3 years…firstly they had 100 working groups and reviews,including a big tax working group ..which was ignored. Key had never been government and it showed.
        But here we are Judith tried to play the China junket and meeting as ‘on the way to the airport’ when it was all prearranged through the embassy…she had 3 crushed cars to crow over and an ongoing boybracer problem…Goldsmith can’t even front pre written by consultants economic plan…infrastructure has been pretty announced multiple times .
        The con job of 2013 a new harbour tunnel for Auckland completed in 2027, nothing happened for 5 yrs and now Collins announces a new harbour tunnel to start…in 2027.
        Of course National signed us up to b Paris climate treaty which commits NZ tp paying $15 bill of carbon offsets as we don’t lower our carbon emission- all smoke and mirrors-


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