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  1. Brian Mkjnight

     /  1st December 2013

    Do NewZealand a favour ,fold your tent and go somewhere else

  2. Karen

     /  8th July 2014

    Saw this debate between Jester and your mates over at the standard unfold last night. Considering your history with these bully boys I thought it may provide you with a laugh.


  3. Cherylanne Horvath

     /  24th August 2014

    I feel really sorry that some people out there go the distance to destroy property near Steve Taylors home and his family and children disgusting we should feel safe in our homes what is wrong with people. 😦

  4. janeyblogs

     /  23rd August 2016

    Your New Zealand?

    No its not ‘your’ my New Zealand. this is not my New Zealand, not any longer nor is it a New Zealand offering future for my children. I am an ordinary New Zealander born and bred, as were my forebears. I am not a politically minded person and have never publicly commented on anything until very recently.

    I find New Zealand a very scary place these days in various ways but especially politically.

    My fifth generation New Zealand children will count for nothing in the frantic scramble they will be forced to endure for any sort of quality of life against the flood of eastern migrants government has opened us up to. These eastern migrants come for what they can get in New Zealand and to play in our less populated economy.

    The future for my children is increasingly looking like they will be living in overcrowded sardine-can apartments as renters, paying bribes to corrupt govt and council officials, a dog eat dog race for jobs and accommodation, privatised education priced beyond the reach of the many, a majority of property and business owned by asians therefore employing asians over New Zealanders.

    A lost New Zealand heritage which will afford my children no benefit for the taxes, effort and work they and their forbears invested in New Zealander above any recently arrived migrant who is yet to pay any taxes but free to take from New Zealand’s coffers.
    New Zealand didn’t attain a high standard of life by accident. It was borne from the memory of hardships our forebears or their families experienced. Egalitarianism for example.

    The eastern migrants our government opens our shores to so freely come from histories and cultures that oppose much that we value not just as New Zealanders but as a western culture in general. Egalitarianism, anti-bribery, classless society, democracy, transparency, freedom of speech, monogamy, age of consent and protection of children. These are not values eastern countries hold so highly and we would be foolish to assume their migrants come to New Zealand seeking these things. Economic benefit is the draw-card. Higher paying jobs, free and better health treatment, less domestic competition, free and cheap education that offers an in to western citizenship. These are what they seek and though it is ours our government sees fit to freely give it away without asking our permission.

    We are all aware of the child bride traditions, the slaves kept hidden from plain sight in their 7 bedroomed New Zealand houses or businesses, their inherent practice of bribery as everyday life, their thriving underground financing systems – just a few points on why eastern migrants do not fit our culture – there is much much more.

    China wants our milk food and water, but instead of these being sold through our existing trade agreement with China we allow our country’s agricultural resources to be reduced by selling prime agricultural land to Chinese companies where you can bet your last dollar that the money here will be largely, and very largely going out of New Zealand. Bribery and corruption is huge in China and eastern countries in general. It is practically inborn into every easterner at birth so why would they act any differently in little ol New Zealand.

    Can you guarantee our government and mp’s can’t be bribed, Can you be sure Helen Clark had our best interests in mind when entering into the Chinese free trade deal rather than her career, Can you be sure John Key gives a toss for New Zealanders, Is he providing and protecting a future for the best well-being of your children? improving your health? shoring up our borders against the threat of drugs, terrorists, bio-hazards, and unwanted insects? Giving our military the quality tools and resources it needs? Providing a police force that serves you as a citizen? Building prisons to house a growing criminal population? Ensuring integrity and standards within the justice system?

    Increasingly over recent years New Zealand is becoming quite authoritarian or is it called a dictatorship? Whether this is related to us being in China’s pocket? I have no idea – though its clear the so-called Chinese free trade deal is not benefiting New Zealand to anywhere near the same degree it benefits China! We are swallowing up the shonky steel riddled with holes at Wellington Hospital. We take train carriages full of asbestos and then spend money fixing it. We import shonky Chinese made product in every area. Just ask people what they think of made in china! or google it. Of course our highly paid ministers won’t be buying the rubbish products they have foisted upon us with that Chinese trade deal.

    Like all the world’s politicians they are up there in their secure burglary proof, warm, comfortable, insulated ivory towers oblivious to the hell they foist on citizens.

    I’ve switched off Newstalk zb except for a short time once or twice a day for news headlines. because there is only so much I can stand of being harangued, lectured and even yelled at by a metal box sitting on my fridge -I’m just not a masochist! Newstalk seems so cosy with government these days and too quick to personally attack people they perceive to be greenie or leftist or anti-John Key that I wonder if the thrashings they blare out against New Zelanders are some sort of government social engineering program meant to cower us all in some way.

    So I’m curious about how New Zealanders might know if they actually were to be taken over by a dictatorship or authoritarian government. After a little bit of research and I mean a little so far, it seems there is nothing to protect New Zealand from something like this happening. and nothing to stop such a government using a radio station as as propaganda mouthpiece. And since news media organisations see themselves as entertainers rather than journalists they wouldn’t notice. I am no fan of Nicky Hager’s extreme politics but was shocked with what was done to him after the publication of his latest book.

    oh well!

    • Maree

       /  19th November 2016

      I am not a Aotearoa born citizen but have lived and worked here for over 50 years – just came for a short visit really but loved the country and the people and we stayed well until now……………yes it seems like the TWO Parties have lost touch completely with the people who matter – as ETHNIC KIWIS we are asking for the people born and bred in this country to be put first and so they should be they are the taxpayers and the builders of the country – migrants come in and skilled ones contribute quite a lot but they too are not appreciated….. not sure what to think now but there is certainly room for another two or three GOOD POLITICAL PARTIES representing the REAL PEOPLE OF AOTEAROA…..NZ First is of course very concerned …….

      • Olegas J Bogdanovas

         /  13th August 2018

        Maree. May we please get way from “Aotearoa”?

        The word ‘Aotea” means: 1. a species of ‘thistle’, 2. Bird = Manu, 3. Food (Page 12).
        One meaning of ‘Roa’ is long, tall, – and other meanings (Page 344)
        Reference: “A Dictionary of the MAORI Language”, H.W. Williams, M.A.; Government Printer Wellington; Seventh edition 1971.

        The Dominion of New Zealand is NEW ZEALAND – an honourable name for a country, given with pride after his own country, by Captain Abel Tasman.

    • Correct.I feel the same,many do,we are not racists/homophobes/xenophobes

    • Olegas J Bogdanovas

       /  20th October 2017

      janeyblogs: I wish I had your moral courage. You have expressed exactly my feelings, as I have watched the destruction of New Zealand Society – including education, justice, and family values. I have great admiration for our doctors and nurses, but believe the government does not have the respect for them that they deserve. I worry about the future for my grandchildren.

    • kiwicando

       /  27th January 2018

      Top blog there janey,

      I feel the same too.

      The erosion of our society today since i returned home 18 yrs ago is staggering, and we hate to think what it will be like in another 18 yrs time.

      We need to change direction here..

      I break out in a nervous sweat thinking about our NZ’s future..

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  16th October 2018

      Xenophobia rules. So does paranoia, devoid of any reality.

      John Key is not the PM now, Jane.

      The number of Muslims is very small and they are proving their worth as NZ citizens; my GP is one of many Muslim doctors. I see Muslims every day, very much part of the population. They work in shops and as chemists and teachers…

      I hope that Pete closes this forum, it’s a bigot, nutter and paranoia magnet, unlike the rest of YNZ. I

  5. Hello
    i am reader of international affairs . this blog is helpful for me . Thanks
    warm regard
    email. mazharqureshi56@gmail.com

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  13th August 2018

      Please don’t think that these people are typical of NZ !!!!

  6. Pushing greens and helping fake a narrative over one of their MP’s being Muslim and ‘victimised’ is weak Pete

    • Welcome Benjamin. I presume you have posted in error to this About thread, you may want to repeat it on the topic.

  7. Had enough?
    The Protest Vote

  8. Leo

     /  14th July 2019

    Hi John

    read the article about you running for Auckland again. Im not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but you’ll have my backing if you can sort out my flooding issues. its a health & safety issue now & i think you are the person to sort it out. Current mayor is a tosser. Council don’t give a rats bum about what happens in day to day lives of everyday Aucklanders.

    Hopefully one day you could pay a visit & i could show you my concerns.

    Thank you & good luck running

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