Merry Christmas from Parliament

An Aussie politician with talent and a sense of humour.

Aussie update – leadership mess continues

It looks like political chaos in Australia.

Winston Peters visited in the middle of the leadership mess.

Newshub: Winston Peters foils Julie Bishop’s attempts to end press conference

Winston Peters foiled Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s attempts to end a joint press conference on Wednesday afternoon, and cracked a joke about leadership spills.

Ms Bishop told reporters she’d take one last question, and was asked by a reporter whether she was “working the phones” like Peter Dutton – who yesterday lost a leadership contest to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“I have been in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and Winston can attest that during that meeting I’ve not made one phone call,” Ms Bishop said.

Mr Peters said earlier in the press conference that no matter the outcome on the leadership front, “we want to see Australia a strong, helpful leadership influence in the Pacific upon which we rely.”

“We depend upon Australia more than you depend upon us but that said, our two countries are seriously significant in how the future of this part of the world turns out.”

But even then he wasn’t finished, making a final comment:

“As a politician when you go into a spill you’ve got to take your abacus, thank you very much.”

But that wasn’t the final say on that.

And ikt’s certainly not the last say on a bloody political mess:

Vehicle attack in Melbourne

A number of people have been injured in a vehicle attack outside a Melbourne railway station. The attacker has been named as Saeed Noori, who “has a history of mental illness and drug abuse”.

The incident is not being treated as a terror investigation “at this time”, with police saying they believed it was “quarantined to a singular incident” rather than part of a larger plot.

Saying that won’t stop another outcry over the threats of terrorism and the collective blaming and bashing of people with names and appearances and backgrounds that give cause for concern (some genuine concerns, and a lot of over the top and unfair blanket blaming).

When it comes to international events Melbourne is close to home for us here. Like many in New Zealand I have relations now living in Melbourne. ‘Deliberate act’: Car mows down pedestrians outside Melbourne’s Flinders St station

THE man arrested after a four-wheel-drive mowed down pedestrians in Melbourne has a history of mental illness and drug abuse, police said.

THE man who deliberately drove a four-wheel drive into a Melbourne crowd injuring 19 people is a 32-year-old with a history of drug use and mental illness, police say.

The Australian citizen of Afghan descent was driving alone when he crashed a white Suzuki SUV into pedestrians at high speed outside Flinders St Station on Thursday about 4.45pm.

He in in police custody in hospital as police continue their “fluid investigation” into what they allege was a “deliberate act”.

The man has been named as Saeed Noori by the Herald Sun, citing police sources.

Speaking on Thursday, Victoria Police acting chief commissioner Shane Patton said the driver was known to police for “historical assault matters” but was not on bail.

Mr Patton said the man had a “history of drug use as well as mental health issues”.

“We understand that he is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness,” he said. “We’re working to clarify that.”

The incident is not being treated as a terror investigation “at this time”, despite being supported by counter-terrorism teams. Mr Patton said police believed it was “quarantined to a singular incident” rather than part of a larger plot.