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  1. For all of the people who are “sick to death” of being a cash cow for the Government please sign my petition. Just click on the link

  2. where is my post for Tobacco union regarding my petition please

  3. Graeme Devereaux

     /  25th August 2020

    New Zealand has to build to counter the devastation caused by CoVid. Cut taxes so that people will have more to spend, Create more small business, Cut prescription costs , Open schools to anyone who want to go their whether in the zone or not, Teach New Zealand History as Mandatory, bring in parliamentary term limits, Separate police into Police and Traffic, Harsher penalties for assaults on law inforcement, Compulsory third party vehicle insurance like Australia, Keep dangerous and violent criminals behind bars NO BAIL, Hire more police and Traffic Officers, Mandatory deportation of Non Citizen Gang Members and people who enter our borders illegally, Protect New Zealand workers from lower paid foreign workers, Require all new immigrants to be able to support themselves, Illegibility of the pension for new citizens is 20 years. Citizenship cannot be applied for for at least 10 years from getting PR, Be a leader in clean water and clean air, Promote clean oceans, Roll out 5 G across the country. NOT HUAWAI. Re establish a airforce, upgrade the Navy with New and modern ships. China is moving into the pacific and New Zealand must protect itself.


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