Contributions of posts are welcome, either as one offs or more often.

  • Email me at and I’ll post under ‘Guest’. Your name or pseudonym are entirely optional.
  • Put what you want to say in Comments on this page and I’ll pick it up from there and put it into a post under ‘Guest’. This is available on the Top Posts menu.
  • If you are interested in occasional or regular posting you could become an author here. There are different user levels, you may do the writing and editing and then I do the posting, or you could do the whole caboodle yourself (I have to exercise some caution in who I allow to do this).

Topics are up to you. Interesting is good, controversial is fine, encouraging and provoking comments and debate are primary aims here.

Diversity is good, and the more who contribute posts the better,

Care has to be taken not to legally compromise the site so nothing that breaks the law or is potentially defamatory.


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  2. where is my post for Tobacco union regarding my petition please


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