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  1. luci

     /  29th June 2015

    I would like to know where the population stands on chemical poisoning of our drinking water ie fluoridation. All comments appreciated. Lets discuss.

    • clan destiny

       /  31st January 2016

      The business of local government is to provide safe drinking water for all people. As every body is unique and responds to additives in various ways, the water MUST be, SHOULD be safe, [neutral], for all people. It is not the business of one term councilors or struggling businesses or fancy religious groups or the ignorant and lazy to medicate water because of fleeting ideas they may have. Just clean, safe water for all.
      What citizens put in their water is their choice. Whiskey, Tea, Boiled mouse droppings.
      Fluoride is a known poison. IF, IF it is good for teeth when applied topically then why in Molars name drink the stuff and send it through the liver and kidneys? Makes no sense.
      For all scary stuff, check out:

      + type in fluoride in search box

  2. luci

     /  29th June 2015

    I just clicked on issues and your site directed me to google………. dropping your website and will not visit again. Wake up and stand free.

  3. NOT going to respond. You obviously have a fixed mind.

    • I should have also added that the Science on Fluoridation and Chlorine treatment of water is already decided, so any discussion on its efficacy is a fool’s errand. I hope Luci that you do not use those dreadful chemicals NaCl, sodium chloride that is a combination of two poisonous elements as well as the dreaded HydrogenDiOxygen and sodium nitrate that are used to produce our vegetables! In Chemistry, elements are one thing, but compounds are a different thing altogether.

  4. Hone, if you are reading this message, can you tell me if I can vote for your party if I am on the general role

  5. Thanks for that

  6. lurcher1948

     /  22nd January 2017

    So the oval room looks like a brothel,gold this gold that..the last days of the roman empire

  7. Kamal Chandra

     /  9th November 2018

    Is there is any policies stopping other immigrants as New Zealand citizen of becoming a member New Zealand Maori council


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