Medicinal Cannabis, Links and Information

Organisations in NZ advancing the issue of Medicinal Cannabis.

United in Compassion NZ

UIC NZ Facebook

The leading group in NZ on the issue of Medical Cannabis with strong support from other non profits for a more traditional medical approach to Medical Cannabis

Green Cross Society

Green Cross Facebook group

An Incorporated society founded in 2003, advocating for Medicinal Cannabis use,

mOthers for Medicinal Cannabis NZ.

The largest social media presence group in NZ.  Founded by Karen Jeffries who has a daughter with a severe form of Epilepsy, and William Rea, known for his petitions.

Aotearoa Patient Advocates

A Dunedin based Medincal Cannabis advocacy group derived from the paperwork and procedures of the now defunct Green Cross Auckland.

Aotearoa Legalize Cannabis Party (ALCP)

A political party that supports Medicinal Cannabis, (and much more)

Mana Party 

A Political party that supports Medicinal Cannabis


National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws NZ.  A full legalisation lobby group, but has declared its main effort for 2015-2017 to be to advocate for relaxation of law around Medcinal Cannabis.

Media snippets on the Issue.

Radio Interview with Leaders on the left

Kevin Hague touches on medical Cannabis in an interview with Duncan Garner

Cannabias Blog

Another blog that goes into depth on various issues around Medicinal Cannabis.

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  1. insencenz

     /  21st September 2016

    Medicinal Cannabis New Zealand nz Patient Group
    Medicinal Marijuana New Zealand
    The Cannabis Club New Zealand
    These are a few more handy Medicinal Cannabis Facebook groups with websites under construction.


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