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Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain advocacy group

One of the strongest reasons for changing our cannabis law is the benefits of using cannabis to treat chronic pain. Shane Le Brun posted a comment on an advocacy group he is involved with, it’s worth a separate post.

Introducing a new Author – Shane Le Brun

Hello everyone, I’d like to formally introduce myself to the Blog, as I will be writing on an issue that effects me personally, Medicinal Cannabis, over the next few months.

Posts on the politics.

Amy Adams, Does she even science?

Today a brave woman, of a slightly conservative background, a Christian Farmer and wife from the ‘Naki made the Taranaki daily paper putting her hand up as a user of Cannabis for pain relief.  She suffers from a condition called Fibromyalgia, which  causes sore muscles, general stiffness and fatigue, and tender painful points over the […]

National’s stance, a rebuttal on Medicinal Cannabis.

Below is the templated response that my friendly local National Party MP  sends to the constituents with regards to Medical Cannabis in NZ, the first mistake of the National Party is to not separate Medical Cannabis from  more broad issue of Cannabis Law reform, which doesn’t seem a hard concept to understand […]

NZ Drug Foundation responds to MOH “underwhelming” evidence on medical cannabis

Ross Bell from the Drug Foundation has queried Ministry of Health advice to Peter Dunne that evidence supporting the effectiveness of medical marijuana is “underwhelming”[…]

Posts on the science of Medicinal Cannabis.

Pot and pain, part 1.

It seems there are still some misconceptions about pain being an “excuse” for Medicinal Marijuana (MMJ), I have overheard on talk back radio old folks complaining that it didn’t work for them etc. There are several reasons why Cannabis is useful, and preferred by patients, it is to much for 1 post,  I got to 1200 words on the first attempt, so I will break it down,[…]

Pot and pain, part 2.

This follows on from “Pot and pain part 1”, where we discussed the efficacy of Cannabis for Neuropathic pain, and also the undesirable effects of Opiates versus Cannabis […]

Medicinal Cannabis, its not Brain Surgery….

Just a a quick post today. I have heard second hand anecdotal stories from a NZ Refugee to Colorado, that CBD rich Cannabis oil has worked on children for seizures where a much more drastic (and rare) procedure has failed. […]

What is Sativex, can we do Better?

During all of my posts in Medical Cannabis, there has been may references to Sativex, the only LEGAL medical Cannabis preparation in NZ, so I thought it was time to delve deeply […]

Patient Stories

Cannabis and Chronic pain, a Canadian story.

Below is a story from a person within the chronic pain community, who has had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of a more progressive cannabis policy in Canada.  In a short space of time, he used Cannabis, a class C drug, to withdraw from Clonozepam, an addictive class C drug (similar to but generally stronger than Valium) […]

Medicinal Cannabis and the return to work.

Of a particular frustration to the chronic pain community, is those that are able to return to part time work, but have so many flare ups and days off sick that they are not able to work to a schedule, and unreliable workers in that sense.  This is a personal issue I have with the […]

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, another case for Medicinal Cannabis

This week’s story is from someone I know personally, who has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, widely regarded as the worst pain disorder in existence,  the only thing worse is when the disease progresses, and the R for regional no longer applies,  in advanced stages even the senses are rewired to pain, so loud noises bright […]

Medicinal Marijuana Munchies vs HIV… (Munchies wins)

My first patient story from an angle other than pain!!  this patient has been active in the past within the Medical Cannabis community, and has successfully beaten the odds to persevere with HIV when most of his peer group in a similar position have bitten the dust. […]

Medical Cannabis and Cancer, a call for compassion

Below is a story of  a woman who’s husband is now very pro Medicinal Cannabis.  After finding out she was essentially allergic to the usual pain killers, Opiates, (the morphine family of drugs) the doctors were left scratching their heads as to how to help make her comfortable in her fight against the big C. […]

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  1. Robert

     /  25th February 2015

    After a nasty motor cycle crash that had me off my feet for 1 year and then getting major arthritis through out my body no pain killers work as well as Cannabis.Man made pain killers knock me around hard,were the cannabis dont.

  2. Hi, I have Hepatitis C and I find cannabis helps me not feel nausea. If I don’t have any it is like permanent morning sickness. I have been told by my teenage son who has A.D.D that marijuana is like my Ritalin and without it I can be very annoying. I smoke everyday unless the police have taken it all away, I wish I COULD BUY IT FROM THE LIQOUR STORE OR PHARMACY

  3. Warren Atkins

     /  5th September 2018

    I have PTSD+, Copd,+severe cramps,++
    After a pain free months trial on Tilray 100.I was impressed.with being truly free of pain. unfortunately its way beyond my means to continue. but I would appreciate factual updates.on availability at less greedy prices/costs.
    Many Thanks

  4. The spread of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain is welcome to some people, and alarming to others. On the plus side, marijuana, or cannabis, has a long history of use and some evidence of

  1. What is Sativex, can we do better? | unitedincompassionnz
  2. What is Sativex, can we do better? | Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand

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