Winston Peters lost in РУССКИЙ translation

Winston Peters is lost in translation nit picking again. Or worse – providing a misleading translation and using it to seek attention to try and get a voter reaction against flag chance perhaps?

‘Worrying incompetence’ in flag pamphlets – Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said today the Russian text in a pamphlet accompanying voting papers “twists the meaning to again promote a flag change”.

“The Russian translates as ‘Put a tick next to the flag that in your opinion should become the New Zealand flag’,” Mr Peters said.

“It’s subtle but suggests a flag change; it should read ‘should be the New Zealand flag’.”

Mr Peters said: “The level of incompetence is worrying.”

It’s this level of trying to interfere with the referendum that should worry people. At least  Peters isn’t calling for the votes of Russian speakers to be nullified. He took a swipe at Hindi speakers earlier in the week.

But who did the translation for Peters? Here it is in Russian:

1. Отметьте   галочкой тот флаг, который, по вашему мнению, должен стать флагом Новой Зеландии.

Google translation:

1. Tick the flag that, in your opinion, should be the flag of New Zealand.

That sounds fine to me. A Russian speaker may – or may not – translate it differently, but I have no idea why they might .

Who would think a referendum was suggesting which choice to tick?

Even the wording of the translation provided by Peters looks like extreme nitpicking. Have any Russian speaking voters complained about being confused by the simplest sort of referendum you could get – tick the flag you prefer?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Peters’ plan was to try and provoke a voter reaction against Hindus and Russians.