More claims of women ‘crushed’ by Ross

Earlier in the week Jami-Lee Ross tried to claim some moral high ground and denied having harassed or treated women badly.

He also complained about claims and insinuations by Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett that there were many women not pleased with Ross’ behaviour. He said he had been threatened with up to 15 revelations, and promised to release a recording of Bridges ‘threatening’ him.

Newsroom responded with  Jami-Lee Ross: Four women speak out

Over the past year, Newsroom investigations editor Melanie Reid has been looking into the background and behaviour of former National MP Jami-Lee Ross. She has talked to a number of people who have given detailed accounts, recordings and documents of their close working and personal relationships with the controversial politician.

Some felt manipulated and intimidated by the way he goes about his politics and his social interactions. Others felt pressured not to speak out.

Today Newsroom presents, on the condition of anonymity, the stories of four women and the relationships which they now believe saw them variously groomed, used for access to information and power, and abused.

Each saw the MP speak out on Tuesday denying his leaders’ allegations of “harassment”, saying he was raised to respect all women.

A bright young graduate had her self-esteem and mental health crushed over a period of six months working for Jami-Lee Ross in what she says was “death by a thousand cuts”.

Another woman who worked for Ross said he bullied and belittled her, using a string of lies to discredit her work.

Yesterday Ross admitted poor behaviour as a husband (and admitted having two affairs). He also apologised to one one, who had gone public, Katrina Bungard – see National candidate speaks out over harassment by rogue MP Jami-Lee Ross

He also supplied the recording of Bridges talking of fifteen women.

Following that from Newsroom – Death by 1000 cuts: Working for Jami-Lee Ross

They were young women starting out in employment and in politics. They had the misfortune to work for an MP called Jami-Lee Ross.

Here two more of the women, interviewed by Newsroom’s Melanie Reid and Cass Mason in their investigation into the former National MP, outline their working hell – and ongoing fears.

Ross tonight apologised to his wife for his behaviour but stopped short of personally apologising to four women whose cases Newsroom reported yesterday.

These further two testimonies back those who have gone before.

They are among a growing list of women who have told their experiences to Newsroom.

So this is six women now. It appears that Bridges was right in talking of a ‘pattern of behaviour’.

Ross has threatened to dish out dirt on all and sundry in Parliament now his real nature has been laid bare – some call this a death by a 1000 cuts type politics.

But it is Ross’ political career that is dying by many cutting revelations.