$150 for Whale Oil Decade of Dirt tickets

Whale Oil is promoting their 10th birthday event. Tickets are now on sale – for $150 a pop plus extras.


It’s Ticketmaster. And promoting dirt may have limited appeal.

When:  Wednesday 10 June, 06:30PM – ’till late

Where:  Snapdragon, 204 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland.

What:  It’s hard to predict.  The idea is by getting enough people into the same place, something is bound to happen.  And that’s before you add Cam Slater.  All drinks and food are included in the ticket price.  Certain MPs, media and B and C-list celebs will be having their spot in the sun that evening.

Who:  This is a public event.  Anyone is welcome*.  Still waiting for Kim Dotcom to RSVP.  He’s got a comp ticket if he wants it.   He can probably catch up with Banksie as well.   Think of it as a huge election slash Dirty Politics after party.

The event will not be broadcast/streamed live.  You have to be there, to be there.


WhaleOilTicket10That’s a big ticket price. Especially if it’s for a launch of Freed as rumoured.

There will be some serious dirt revealed, and best it isn’t streamed.

Maybe it’s just an ego driven fundraiser.

Whale Oil ‘party’

Whale Oil is celebrating Cameron Slater’s tenth anniversary of blogging.



(They say “Dirty Politics” like it’s a bad thing!)

Calling it Decade of Dirt  ignores the damage that has done, much of it self inflicted damage. It is generally something that most people wouldn’t be proud of.

As you may have gathered, Wednesday June 10th marks our tenth birthday.  Cameron Slater will have been blogging for ten years on that very day.

That’s a notable achievement.

It’s a celebration.  Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him.   John Key is the latest to give it go, and I can assure you it won’t help him at all.

So much has happened over the last ten years.   What on earth should we do to celebrate this millstone milestone?

So we sat down, and had a think.  And we thought:  politicians come and go, and we praise them and rip them apart.  But if there has been once constant pain in the butt through the last ten years who loathes Whaleoil as much as we loathe him, it has to be Winston Peters.

So we decided to ask him to MC our Decade of Dirt event for us.    And guess what he said?

Apparently he said yes, Then he found another engagement that was more important.

We were just about to announce this, and disaster struck.  Winston needs to be somewhere else on the same day.  I’m not sure who’s more gutted – Winston or us.

Dilemma:  how to replace a curmudgeonly opinionated know-it-all with someone else?  Someone who may have nothing to do?  Someone unwanted wherever he goes, just like Winston?

The answer was obvious.  Maurice Williamson.

He says he’s got nothing much on anywhere lately, and is just delighted to be wanted somewhere by anyone.

We are delighted to have Maurice as our MC.  We’re told he’ll consider dusting off some of his Rob Muldoon impressions for the occasion.

Not exactly the biggest drawcard in politics these days.

Details to come, but mark the evening of the 10th of June in your calendar and wait for the details on how to secure your tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event.  If you are a pundit and you missed it, you will regret it for the rest of the week.

This will definitely be a Cash for Access opportunity as you will be able to mingle with the elite of the political, media and Dark Arts people as they wonder who you are and why you are cornering them with silly questions.

I wonder how much Williamson charges for access. He may need to pay for attention.

This will be an evening to take off the proverbial gloves and just celebrate Cam Slater’s ten year achievement in sitting at his keyboard in his undies every morning and bashing out a bunch of angry articles.   I mean, who wouldn’t be proud?

As media, you can’t avoid this event.  The place will be positively bursting at the seams with leaks.  And no doubt there will be some revelations during the evening as Cam might reveal some previously secret information, and debates with other MPs, media, dignitaries and aspirants.

So suggestions it could be a big reveal night. Does that remind anyone of Dotcom?

In case you’re wondering if a) this is satire, or b) who else is coming – the answers are a) no, and b) I’ll start name dropping soon.  Let’s just say we already have secured guests from the right and left of both media and politics.

It will be interesting to see who is prepared to be seen to be associated. Will Judith Collins front up? Or does she value her career prospects in National? Unlike Williamson she has a chance of being reinstated into Cabinet,

At this stage we’re talking through the possibilities of Cam telling the stories of Rawshark and Whaledump, by telling a room full of people in politics and media who they are in real life, but we are waiting for clearance from our legal counsel before we can announce that with certainty.

Big hints. If they don’t deliver it will be a megaflop rivalling one of Slater’s biggest rivals.

Until then…

…everyone* is invited, but who will have the guts to come?

I’m not sure who will be tempted to attend by that approach. It’s got nothing to do with ‘guts’.

It’s an odd invite to a birthday party that is being used as a fund raiser for someone promoting dirt.

I have no inclination to contribute.