Ultra long range forecast

I don’t know how many ODT readers will still be around in 2105, and I don’t know how accurate this forecast will turn out to be.

See the sun caption under INSIDE TODAY:


Yesterday was dry and sunny in Dunedin but the weather has been very mixed so far this year – one thing that’s easy to predict about Dunedin weather is it’s variety.

The ODT seems to be suffering from a few time travel gremlins at the moment – their current Opinion:


The ODT also has a 100 years ago section that seems to have been misfiled. The Incident for Victoria story was followed by a medical officer warning that “serious harm is being caused by the cigarette-smoking so prevalent among soldiers”:

• “I have been assured by a medical officer that serious harm is being caused by the cigarette-smoking so prevalent among soldiers, and particularly returned soldiers,” said the Minister of Defence today.

“The statement made to me is that many of the men are absolutely ruining their nerves through this habit. Their hands become shaky, and the men themselves become apathetic. Surgeon-general Henderson, in a report on this subject, says that the Defence Department cannot control cigarette-smoking, except when the men are in hospital. I hope that members of the forces will realise that it is quite possible for them to injure their health and impair their efficiency as soldiers by the excessive use of cigarettes. A soldier has a duty to perform in attaining physical fitness in order that he may be in a condition to meet and beat the enemy, and anything that injures his health is to be avoided.”

• The unloading of Wirth’s Circus, by the aid of four huge elephants, at the Ashburton railway station on Saturday morning, created a great deal of interest to the public, and, incidentally, a great deal of consternation amongst the horses which happened to be in the vicinity (says the Guardian).

There were about five bolts, but the horses were arrested in their career before much harm was done.

In one case, two horses attached to a lorry-load of coke took fright and bolted for about 300 yards, shooting the coke in every direction.

Considerable amusement was caused by the efforts of one of the elephants to help in the reloading of the sacks of coke.

• Some good hauls of flounders have been obtained at Port Molyneux Beach this season.

On Sunday an Acclimatisation Society ranger, in company with the police constable from Kaitangata, appeared at the scene of netting operations, and, as a result, it is stated, a party of fishers, including some well-known Balclutha residents, will be at an early date called upon to answer charges of having in their possession flounders under the regulation size.

The Clutha Leader mentions that the attitude of the police in connection with the matter has come in for some severe criticism from certain quarters. – ODT, 12.1.1916.