Two polls strongly support euthanasia

Both One News and Three News have done polls on euthanasia with strong support for changing the law and allowing euthanasia.

One News/Colmar Brunton:

Should a patient should be able to request a doctor’s assistance to end their life?

  • Yes 75%
  • No 21%
  • Undecided 5%

1000 voters questioned

3 News/Reid Research

Should law be changed to allow “assisted dying” or euthanasia?

  • Yes 71%
  • No 24%
  • Unsure 5%

Patrick Gower asked John Key if the Government would heed public opinion and do something about it. Key said they wouldn’t, but if a well drafted Member’s Bill was put before parliament he said he would support it.

The chances of a Member’s Bill being drawn is low – ad at this stage there isn’t a Bill in the ballot anyway.

One News had a report with their poll result: Lecretia Seales’ widower praises Kiwis for poll showing support for doctor assisted euthanasia

Lecretia Seales’ widower Matt Vickers is welcoming a ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll which shows the majority of New Zealanders want dying patients to be able to rely on their doctor for help to end their lives.

“We’re glad to see that New Zealanders agree that it is appropriate, respectful and compassionate, and we hope that Parliament does their job and achieves legislative change that the majority of New Zealanders clearly want.”

“Through her High Court case, Lecretia hoped to raise awareness of the appropriateness of physician assisted dying legislation in some form,” he says.

The debate about euthanasia was back in the headlines last week when the results of a study of General Practitioners was released, showing some had made decisions likely to hasten the death of their terminally ill patients.

The study was published in the New Zealand Medical Journal and asked 650 GPs about the last death they’d attended.

There seems to be everything that’s needed except any political will to address euthanasia.

And Stuff reports: Doctors and nurses more involved in patients’ ‘end-of-life’ decisions – study

A University of Auckland study anonymously surveyed 650 GPs.

Sixteen reported prescribing, supplying or administering a drug with the explicit intention of bringing death about more quickly.

But in 15 of those cases, it was nurses who administered the drugs.

Researchers acknowledged the actions of the GPs would generally be understood as euthanasia, but the survey did not use that term.

In the survey, led by Auckland University senior lecturer Dr Phillipa Malpas, GPs were asked about the last death at which they were the attending doctor.

Of the 650 to respond, 359 (65.6 per cent) reported that they had made decisions, such as withdrawing treatment or alleviating pain, taking into account the probability that they may hasten death.

Some made explicit decisions about hastening death.

Of the 359, 16.2 per cent withheld treatments with the “explicit purpose of not prolonging life or hastening the end of life”.

A total of 316 doctors gave pain medication taking into account that death might come sooner, but it was not the intention. Rather, the doctor may have taken the decision to make the dying patient more comfortable in their final hours.

3 News July Poll

The latest 3 News/Reid Research poll was published tonight.

  • National 47% (up 0.6)
  • Labour 31.1% (up 0.7)
  • Greens 11.4% (up 0.3
  • NZ First 8.4% (up 0.3)
  • Maori Party 0.6% (down 0.5)
  • ACT Party 0.5%
  • United Future 0.1%
  • Conservative Party 0.7% (down 1.2)

Polling period approximately July 15-22 (Wednesday).

So it appears that Labour has sacrificed integrity on race issues ad have not gained in the polls from it.

The preferred Prime Minister brings up a surprise:

  • John Key 38.3% (down 1.1)
  • Winston Peters 11.3% (up 0.1)
  • Andrew Little 10.2% (down 1.4)

Yep, Little is now trailing Peters. But Little says he will not back down from his Chinese buyers strategy.

David Farrar says “1st time since 2003 the opposition leader is 3rd”

The poll also asked: Should Govt ban “foreign buyers”, (non res or citizens)from buying houses

  • Yes – 61% (National voters 54%)
  • No – 35% (National voters 43%)

3 News/Reid Research poll, July 15-22, 1000 voters
Margin of error: +/-3.1 percent

Read more:

3 News Report: Poll: 61pct want to ban foreign buyers

3 News poll: Conservatives down, but…

…we’ll have to wait until tonight for the rest of the results as Patrick Gower has just released a teaser.

He says the Conservative Party is down to 0.7% – they’re probably lucky to still have that much support – in Conservative Party support plunges to all-time low (NZH):

The 3 News-Reid Research poll has the troubled right-wing party polling at just 0.7 per cent – a collapse from its Election night high of 4.1 per cent.

Patrick Gower, 3News political editor said the result was the lowest the party had polled since appearing in the 3News poll shortly before the 2011 Election.

But Conservative support was were declining anyway, as the post election 3 New Reid Research results show:

  • 3 News Poll (9-15 September 2014): 4.9%
  • Election result (20 September 2014): 3.97%
  • 3 News Poll (20-28 January 2015): 2.7%
  • 3 News Poll (21-27 May 2015): 1.9%

But while the Conservatives look like being political there will be a lot more interest in the main party results.

Labour will be hoping for improvement from their last result (of 30.4% in May) from the first poll fully after after their foreign ownership/Chinese surname/race card ploy.

And National will be grateful the poll will probably have been too late for much if any of the Serco/Mt Eden fiasco to emerge. The last two 3 News polls polled up until the Wednesday before publishing.

In May’s poll National were on 46.4% and Labour were on 30.4%, with Greens on 11.1% and NZ First on 8.1%.

Little buckles under pressure as he and Twyford keep digging

Andrew Little threw a bit of a hissy fit when Patrick Gower questioned him on “cooked up data”.

Video and a short report from 3 News: Video: Andrew Little snaps over Chinese buyer data questions

The Labour leader took exception to a question that included the phrase “cooked-up data”, telling Mr Gower: “I’m not going to stand here and have a desperate TV3 reporter use inflammatory language on this. Cooked-up, what was cooked-up?!”

Mr Little added: “You don’t understand. You’re making stuff up.”

That’s also very ironic considering the way Phil Twyford followed by Little have made stuff up.

Ad it wasn’t just when the story broke last week. They are both still digging a hole, repeating made up claims that are not supported at all by the data they analysed.

Stuff report: Chinese officials concerned about Labour’s foreign buyer data

Chinese officials have raised concerns with Deputy Prime Minister Bill English about the “tone” of Labour Party data based on foreigners buying property in the overheated Auckland housing market.

There’s a number of reports of concern from Chinese ethnic groups and individials in New Zealand. Damage is still being done, but Labour keeps digging.

Labour’s housing spokesman Phil Twyford said the analysis the party did of the Barfoot and Thompson data predicted the probability of the surnames predicting ethnic origin, and he stood by that.

“And that is it has a high level of accuracy, and the result that we came up with that 39.5 per cent of houses sold during that three month period went to people of Chinese descent.

Rob Salmond claims the surname analysis was about 95% accurate and that’s not being disputed.

“We never ever made the claim, and we made it clear that we did not go and knock on the doors of those individual people and ask them if they were foreign speculators,” Twyford said.

But Labour failed completely to quantify how many buyers might be foreign Chinese, or total foreign buyers. Littl;e said “You’re making stuff up” – that’s what he and Twyford have done.

Twyford also expressed regret that some people in the Chinese community were upset by the debate, but said it was not racist.

“A fact cannot be racist – a fact is a fact. It might make you feel uncomfortable, but we need as a country to be able to have debates about these kinds of things without allegations of racism.”

It’s not the facts that have made people uncomfortable – and angry. It’s the making stuff up on the proportion of overseas Chines buyers that has been a disaster for Labour, as they have been told over and over – but they don’t seem to want to listen.

And it’s the targeting of Chinese and ignoring everyone else, and making excuses for a bit of racial/ethnic damage.

“Yes, I do care, very much,” Little said, when asked if he cared what the Chinese government thought.

But he said the Labour Party could not be constrained about putting information into the public arena because people did not want to upset the Chinese government.

“That’s not the basis on which we conduct debates in New Zealand.”

Labour shouldn’t be trying to conduct debates by making unsubstantiated guesses (if they were even guesses, they way they continue to act on this could be an attempt to divert from deliberately misleading.

Ethnic constituents had also expressed concern to Little about the way the debate had unfolded in some areas.

“We always knew, given the nature of the information, if we released it, that was one not just possible response, but a likely response.”

So Little admits knowing that offending people would be a likely reaction.

He denied that was concern at the Labour Party’s characterisation of the data, or the way the party had conducted the debate.

Asked if he felt bad about people feeling the data was racist, Little said he was “concerned that some people have felt that because of their ethnicity they have somehow been singled out – that does concern me”.

Failing to accept any responsibility, this is worse than the ;sorry if anyone was offended’ apology, because there is no sign of any apologies.

“But then we looked at the information and what it was telling us – the gap between a 9 per cent Chinese ethnic population in Auckland and 40 per cent of the purchasers of Auckland properties over a three month period being of Chinese ethnic descent.

“That was too big of a gap to say ‘we’re too afraid to release this information’.”

It’s a pity they weren’t afraid to make stuff up about the information – they piled unsubstantiated ‘guesses’ in  a classic example of cynical wedge politics, using the New Zealand Chinese community as a scapegoat.

The Auckland market has a major problem  with the impact of non-resident foreign buyers, which the Government was ignoring, Little said.

“We’re not going to [ignore it] – as uncomfortable as it is, and as crude as our information might have been, the conclusion that the non-resident foreign buyer is having a huge impact on the Auckland housing market is real, and people are concerned about it.”

He admits the information was ‘crude’ – it wasn’t the very limited information that was crude, it was the way Labour embellished it substantially, knowing it would be a Chinese bashing that was crude.

All this has been pointed out over and over again to Labour over they last ten days. Often very  explicitly.

So I find it incredible that Twyford and Little are still pushing their divisive drivel.

And now Little has shown sign he is buckling under the pressure he has brought upon himself.  Lashing out at a journalist is just going to make things worse.

Labour have dug themselves deep on this, and now the sides of the hole are caving in on them.

I have no data to base this claim on, but I think that for every day Little and Labour continue to keep digging there will be another year before this is forgotten. If the Labour Party lasts that long.

And it’s hard to see Little becoming Prime Minister on this performance.

3 News uses and abuses leaked sales data

I think this is a disgraceful use of and abuse of the leaked real estate data – 3 News had obtained the data and has been visiting the addresses of Chinese sounding people they got off the list.

Like Labour they proved little except a lack of care about privacy for a bit of cheap publicity.

Door knocking Labour’s ‘Chinese-sounding’ names

Some of the people with Chinese-sounding names used by Labour to attack offshore buyers have been visited by 3 News.

They didn’t add anything useful to the story or issues, all they did was use data that they knew had been wrongly leaked to breach people’s privacy.

If any of those people felt harassed I hope they complain.

I think this is appallingly irresponsible of 3 News.

UPDATE: Tova O’Brien has responded on Twitter:

Didn’t do it off leaked data, used B&T’s market reports. Public on their website.

I can’t find names and addresses of sales, addresses only. I’ve asked Tova for a link.

Gareth Jones, dying and cannabis oil

Gareth Jones is dying of cancer. He was told he had only a few months to live (last October). He producing his own cannabis oil and self medicating with it. He says it helps his pain and thinks it may have extended his life. But it’s illegal.

3-D (3 News): Cancer patient says NZ needs law change on medical cannabis

His pain is substantial. He’s doing his best to manage it with pharmaceutical drugs administered through this “pain patch”, but he’s adamant the cannabis oil is playing a lead role in fighting the pain and improving his quality of life.

He says the benefits are sleeping, pain relief and appetite.

Mr Jones also believes his homemade medicine is extending his life. Last October he was told he had just three months to live.

“The way the oncologist was talking it was more like I’d have a month of good and maybe a month or two after that, maybe three months tops, and he was talking six months as the extreme side of it and I’m over that now,” says Mr Jones.

Regardless of whether the cannabis oil is providing any real medical benefit – even if it is just having a placebo effect – surely there is nothing wrong with a dying man from using it. It’s hard to see what harm can be done by it.

Without fail, every night Mr Jones takes two capsules – a measured combination of his home-cooked cannabis oil mixed with coconut oil.

“Yes [I get high], but that’s why I take it at night, so I sleep off the effects, so I don’t really feel anything. So that’s why I take a good dose at night then wake up in the morning and it’s gone and I carry on the day like normal.”

He needn’t get high – if the law allowed him to use cannabis oil that was low in intoxicants. Cannabis low in THC can be grown although it isn’t readily available in New Zealand.

But so what if he gets high?

What makes it even more frustrating for Mr Jones is seeing the recent legalisation of medical cannabis across the United States; in many states what he’s doing is totally legal.

“It’s pretty average really. For trying to extend my life and spend more time with my family I get made a criminal for it.

“Something needs to change in New Zealand. Most other countries have woken up to it. And using it for medicinal use anyway, they’ve been doing it for a long time with good results now, so it’s about time New Zealand finally caught up.”

Overseas, studies have found cannabis works well on chronic pain, especially for people like Mr Jones with late-stage cancers.

But this family can’t wait for New Zealand to catch on. Mr Jones is determined to see his daughter turn three. If that means breaking the law, then that’s what he’ll do.

“I guess I’ll just keep taking my nightly pills and go from there I guess. I don’t really have back-up plans now.

I suppose there’s a risk that now Gareth has gone public the police could arrest him. What then – put him in a prison hospital and does him up on morphine?

Morphine is often legally provided for pain relief and that is highly intoxicating. It seems nuts that a milder and far safer intoxicant can’t be legally used, especially as it might provide other medical benefits as well.

The Ministry of Health told 3D as part of a wider review of the Medicines Act it’s looking into the legislation around the use of controlled drugs, including cannabis. The results of the review will be released next year.

It seems likely Gareth will be dead by next year. Because our Government is paranoid about sick and dying people getting high using cannabis – already one of the most widely used drugs in New Zealand.

Boycott bolshiness

There was criticism of over-reaction on Twitter about the threat to boycott Spark after Whale Oil promoted them as sponsors of their Decade of Dirt party. Whale Oil later toned down their claims. See Sparks fly after Whale Oil sponsorship claim.

There’s been a number of examples of boycott vigilantism on Twitter, which began with a worth protest about radio coverage of Roast Busters which turned into an overplayed obsession.

The boycott bas-wagon revved up over the canning of Campbell Live, with campaigning to keep boycotting 3 news over a loss of Current Affairs on TV.

What the vigilantes didn’t seem to figure out was that beating 3 News into submission would further reduce news and current affairs.

This was pointed out yesterday in a tweet by producer @AngusGillies with a message image.

3NewsBoycottThere has also been a post about this at The Standard – The TV3 boycott – where Antony Robins recognises the problem…

But boycotts are a two-edged sword. As well as sending a message to those in power they can also damage the innocent workers. Boycotts are on a spectrum that ends in “internet lynch mobs”.

But the first comment

Your logic of “don’t act because there is collateral damage” applies to every civic action.

Consumer boycott has the power of a strike.

If journalists are having the conversation you describe, imagine the conversations the Board members are having.

And, if TV3 fails again, perhaps out of it will come a different kind of investigative media hybrid altogether.

Perhaps instead there will be a further and far more substantial reduction in news and current affairs if TV3 goes broke. That seems more likely.

David H doesn’t car if the whole channel is lost:

“would cost journalists (workers!) jobs and thus weaken the media.”

Workers?? Jonolists like Gower, Obrien and Sabin? Ass kissing, Key loving, Labour hating, Make it up Jonolists. And the production teams that know they are spreading hate and bullshit? Yep I am really sad for this lot.

Does he only want journalists that serve up what he approves of?

Draco T Bastard

In war there is collateral damage and make no mistake, we are at war. It’s a war for control of our government and our lives and the journalists at TV3 are on the wrong side. It’s a war of if that control should be by us through our elected representatives or by the corporations through the government owned by them with us manipulated through the MSM.

Should we be afraid that a few people may lose their jobs? No.

But we also need to be working on other fronts to ensure that power is taken from the corporations and returned to the people, that we get a true public service TV and that our society shifts from the me, me, me type that the Fourth Labour government brought in in the 1980s and return to being a society about all of us.

But DTB wants it under the control of a government further to the left of Mana (remember them?)


Like the new version of Milo, Cadbury’s palm oil chocolate, and cheaper eggs coming from caged hens we have to stamp this out.


Having such a fucked out MSM actually also drives viewers to places like the Standard, for people hungry for real news and discussion. So although TV3 may not be benefiting, it does create other opportunities and appetite for alternative news.

“Real news and discussion” at the Standard? Little news, much discussion, but under the direction and control of draconian overlords who don’t tolerate input from outside their narrow collective.

Maybe they can get Labour to put forward a policy to state fund The Standard as a great new way forward for news and discussion.

That could come with a requirement to rename The Standard to Pravda. Or perhaps Ivestia might be more appropriate.

3 News Poll varies

The latest 3 News/Reid Research poll varies significantly from the last two polls (Roy Morgan and One News/Colmar Brunton), demonstrating why they should be seen as nothing more than indicative snapshots.

  • National 46.4% ( down 3.4)
  • Labour 30.4% (up 1.3)
  • Greens 11.1% (up 1.1)
  • NZ First 8.1% (up 1.1)
  • Conservative Party 1.9%
  • Maori Party 1.1%
  • ACT 0.5%
  • United Future 0%

It’s worth noting that the 3 News/Reid Research poll just prior to the election last September had National down  2.2 to 44.5% and Labour up 4 to 29.1%.

Preferred Prime Minister:

  • John Key 39.4% (down 4.6)
  • Andrew Little 11.6% (up 1.8)
  • Winston Peters 11.2% (up 3.6%)

The last 3 News poll was in January so claiming specific reasons have affected the movements (as Patrick Gower did) is nothing more than guesswork.

I’ll add the other results when they are available.

Today’s big news – snow on a skifield

I haven’t watched television news for over a week until getting home today. I’ve watched the headlines on both Prime and 3 News.

Apparently one of the big news story’s of the day is there is some snow on a mountain skifield.

They both showed Coronet Peak without saying if this extraordinary phenomenon had occurred on  other mountains or not.

It did – I saw quite a few snow capped ranges this afternoon as we flew across the South Island. I’d say the snow line is above 1,000 metres so it’s still confined to the tops of the hills.

Sure there’s a bit of a nip in the air – we landed to 4 degrees – but that’s not particularly unusual in a southerly change here.

The forecast is for snow tonight – what will they put on the news if there’s actually snow at altitudes that people live?

It just seems a bit desperate to go up to a ski field to find some snow for a weather story.

3 News promoting terrorism

3 News just re-broadcast some dick calling for would be terrorists to attack in New Zealand tomorrow. So they increased the audience from 2 on Youtube to 200,000 around the country. Unbelievably irresponsible.

@danylmc @ShakingStick “Mark Taylor’s video was taken down by YouTube soon after 3 News approached the Prime Minister about it.”