Key’s pecuniary interests

Yesterday Parliament published the Summary of annual returns as at 31 January 2016.

Coincidentally John Key’s and his financial interests are getting a lot of attention at the moment. here is his declaration:

Rt Hon John Key (National, Helensville)

2 Other companies and business entities

Little Nell – property investment (Aspen, Colorado) Bank of America – banking

4 Beneficial interests in, and trusteeships of, trusts

JP & BI Key Family Trust (beneficiary) Aldgate Trust (blind trust – neither trustee nor beneficiary)

6 Real property

Family home, Parnell, Auckland Office, Huapai, Auckland Holiday home, Omaha, Rodney Holiday home, Maui, United States of America

7 Superannuation schemes

Mercer Individual Retirement Plan (Parliamentary Scheme)

8 Debtors

JP & BI Key Family Trust – trust loan* Bank of America – short-term deposit

ANZ Bank – short-term deposit

Antipodes Trust Group Limited – short-term deposit

10 Overseas travel costs

Korea – official visit

Japan – official visit

Australia – official visit

Turkey – official visit

United Arab Emirates – official visit

Saudi Arabia – official visit

Kuwait – official visit Samoa – official visit

Rarotonga – official visit

Papua New Guinea – official visit

United States – official visit

Iraq – official visit

Morocco – official visit

Belgium – official visit

United Kingdom (x2) – official visit

Viet Nam – official visit

Philippines – official visit

Malaysia – official visit

Malta – official visit

France – official visit

Germany – official visit

The primary expenses relating to all travel were funded by the Crown. Some accommodation, internal flights and/or other incidental expenses were met by the host Government

11 Gifts

Large framed oil painting by William Tseng (item donated) – William Tseng

Wrist watch – Prime Minister of Kuwait

Pen set – Prime Minister of Kuwait

Coin set – Prime Minister of Kuwait

Helicopter flight and golf (Wairakei, x3) – Gary Lane

Accomodation and golf (Kinloch) – John Sax, Southpark Corporation Limited

Ceramic figure ornament of tea ceremony – Party Secretary, Guangdong Province Hu Chuhua

Shoushan stone carved ornament of an eagle (donated to Parliamentary Collection) – Chinese Ambassador

Helicopter flight – Central Water Plains Limited

Framed print of Manly, Australia – Premier Mike Baird

Framed print of motorcycle by Bill Burke (donated to Parliamentary Collection) – NZ Classic Motor Cycles Limited

Comemorative coin, Niue – NZ Mint Limited

Helicopter flight and golf (Tara Iti) – DB Breweries

Helicopter flight and lesson – Christchurch Helicopters

Commemorative coin, Singapore (donated to Parliamentary Collection) – Singapore High Commissioner

Helicopter flight (Kauri Cliffs, x 2) – Trevor Farmer

Honorary golf membership – Remuera Golf Club

Honorary Gold Membership – Wairakei

Set of golf clubs and golf balls – Srixon, Japan

Meat – Anzco

Source (PDF): Register of Pecuniary and Other Specified Interests of Members of Parliament: Summary of annual returns as at 31 January 2016