Great, but not really what the Olympics are about

A big Olympics story apparently involves Kiwi Nikki Hamblyn in the 5000m where she fell with a US runner with four laps to go and they helped each other to the finish line.

New York Daily News: Abbey D’Agnostino and Nikki Hamblin show true meaning of Olympic spirit after collision during women’s 5,000-meter race




It’s a great story and very nice to see, and both runners have been lauded for their sporting behaviour.

But it is being reported as ‘this is what the Olympics is all about’. But it’s not.

The Olympics is mostly about trying to win and trying to get a medal. It is as competitive as you can get, usually.

A fall at that stage of a race would normally rule you out of contention so spending a bit of time helping each other is not going to make much difference to the race.

This is rare, that’s why it is making headlines.

Also probably rare – race judges have put both runners into the final despite finishing well back.

What I find particularly goos about this is that at a time of high emotion and probably disappointment both runners automatically expressed their natural reactions, which were to help each other.