The seventy year old prince says he won’t interfere as king

Prince Charles is now 70 years old. That’s a long time to wait for a throne, and he may have to wait some time yet, if he survives his mother.

Prince Charles ‘will not be an interfering king’ and ” I’m not stupid, when I’m king I won’t meddle”:

1 News: Prince Charles says he’ll stay quiet about controversial topics when he’s King

Britain’s Prince Charles has pledged not to interfere in the affairs of state when he becomes king, seeking to dispel concerns about his past activism on issues ranging from global warming to architectural preservation.
In an interview for a documentary marking his 70th birthday, the heir to the throne told the BBC that he understands he will have to act differently when he becomes king.

In 2015, he lost a long court battle to prevent the disclosure of 27 letters sent to government officials on matters such as badger culling, fish protection, military readiness and the preservation of historic buildings.

The “black spider” memos, so called because of Charles’ cramped handwritten greetings and closings, were controversial because some saw them as inappropriate lobbying by the heir to the throne.

But Charles defended his past actions, including establishing the Prince’s Trust in 1976 to help disadvantaged young people, saying he had always steered clear of party politics.

He generally steers clear of New Zealand too. If he becomes king of New Zealand he is unlikely to have much influence.

New Zealand Republic: Prince Charles “won’t intervene”, so what’s the point?

“If as New Zealand’s monarch Charles won’t act in any constitutional issues, and leaves us to sort things out for ourselves, then it’s time to drop the charade and make our Governor-General New Zealand’s actual head of state as New Zealand Republic proposes” continued Mr Holden.

“The Royals are in a no-win situation. Their supporters argue that the value of the monarchy is having someone overseas, outside of New Zealand able to adjudicate our constitutional issues should they arise. Yet Charles himself has confirmed that he would never want to be dragged into those issues. The claim the monarch provides a separate check is false, and the man who might be King has confirmed that”.

Some people like some connection to celebrity/royalty, but a King Charles is going to struggle against growing and much younger competition.