One of the 800,000?

Labour is targeting the 800,000 people who didn’t vote in the last election (sometimes referred to as the ‘missing million’).

Cunliffe searches for his missing voters

David Cunliffe is trying to reach 800,000 voters, and if he does Labour will win the next election.

They’re the ones who didn’t vote in 2011. They’re in low or middle income electorates and it’s likely most of them would have ticked Labour – if they’d made it to the ballot box.

“At the 2011 election, Labour failed to persuade enough New Zealanders that it was a credible alternative,” Cunliffe posted on the party’s website.
“When National was telling them they would cut them off at the knees, they don’t want to hear from Labour that it would too – just a little nearer to the ankles.”

This is what Labour’s new leader has set about fixing, and it’s why he told the CTU conference this week: “We will be a true red Labour Party, not a pale blue one.”

He’s making the difference between Labour and National very clear, and he’s pitching the message at those missing voters.

Was it one of these non-voters who found Cunliffe yesterday?

Irate man

Angry tirade cuts Cunliffe’s briefing short

A media standup by Labour leader David Cunliffe had to be cut short this afternoon after a man in a car stopped and shouted a tirade of abuse at Mr Cunliffe and the assembled media about unemployment.

The man pulled his car alongside the press pack on the side of the road outside Mr Cunliffe’s electorate office while beeping his horn. “F*** you, f*** Labour, f**** unemployment,” he shouted.

As a member of the media asked another question, the man continued to shout, saying “f*** you man, there’s no future, New Zealand’s dreaming and you’re a dreamer.” He added that National was no better.

“We may as well have a coalition of the f***wits. F*** you all.” He went on to say that the unions were dead “and you destroyed them. Unemployment is not working.”

Video here.

Only 799,999 to go.