ABP/Labour policy suggestions

An interesting bunch of policy suggestions from  the ABP Branch of the Labour Party (Dunedin South) via Colonial Viper at The Standard:

With regards and credit to the ABP Branch of the Labour Party (Dunedin South):

1) A UBI for all NZers 18 and over set at 45% of the full time minimum wage.

2) Citizens Grant: at ages 21, 40 and 65 a one off ‘citizens grant’ of $10,000 is distributed to each person which they can use towards their education, setting up a small business, paying off a mortgage or their retirement plans.

3) Direct government creation of money. Each month, the Reserve Bank shall credit the Government’s operating bank account with a sum equivalent to 10% of the Crown’s tax take for that month as averaged over the previous 5 years. (Giving the government an additional ~$500M to spend per month without borrowing or taxation).

4) The minimum wage will auto-set every 3 years at 2/3 of the average wage.

5) A top income tax rate of 49% will be introduced at 10x the average wage.

6) The lowest income tax rate shall be reduced to 10%.

7) An FTT shall be introduced allowing regressive GST to be halved to 7.5%.

8) NZ jobs guarantee: minimum wage employment to be provided for each and every citizen who wants to work and who has been resident in the country for at least 12 months; citizens will have the option of full time or part time work as best suits them, but must perform to all normal employment standards.

9) MMP threshold to be halved to 2.5%.

10) Electoral MPs to be elected via STV> ranking.

11) All entities registered or resident in NZ shall incur an annual wealth tax of 0.25% on each dollar of financial assets (including property), held whether in NZ or overseas, over a NZ$1M threshold. (Across generations this tax will effectively act as an inheritance tax).

12) Compass to provide all meals on Parliament grounds: all existing food outlets on Parliament grounds are to be shut down and replaced with self-serve kiosks supplying Compass frozen meals flown in from Auckland daily.

Most of those are unrealistic ideological dream stuff even for the Labour Party.

Number 9 is ok (and could go further). Number 10 is worth considering.

Number 12 is funny (especially if you know about food proposals for Dunedin Hospital).