David Seymour’s conference speech

Live at 2 pm Saturday:

Targeting 5 MPs this election. They need four more candidates who appeal to voters first.

Criticises Labour, Greens, and NZ First in particular.

Too much negativity so far.

Coalition – a repeat of the status quo – is stable but unambitious.

“We need a National-ACT government with a much bigger dose of ACT”…”to keep the bad guys out”.

Wants to cut spending and taxes, a standard ACT act. “Nobody should pay more than 25% income tax…on income under a hundred thousand dollars”.

Replace the Resource Management Act in urban areas with something is fit for purpose.

Will force the Government to address the sustainability of National Super – from 2020 incrementally raise the age from 65 to 67 (a modest shift).

Address traffic congestion through ride sharing through phone apps and affordability.

Not surprisingly he is talking up Partnership Schools and cites as Iwi being the real driver.

ACT doesn’t resile from being ‘tough on crime’ but wants to get smarter on crime to help prisoners get off the criminal treadmill.

“Self improvement in prisons” – see ACT: reduced prison sentence for education

Seymour’s speech –