TPPA Roadshow today

The TPPA Roadshow will be held in Dunedin today. I’m going as an interested observer.

The Government will run a number of events on key TPP outcomes. These will be aimed at ensuring businesses are able to prepare to take advantage of new opportunities presented by TPP’s entry into force, and to provide information of interest to the wider public and other stakeholders (see next steps for more information about the timing of entry into force). These events follow the extensive public consultations carried out during TPP negotiations.

Protest action is planned in the Octagon and presumably outside the venue (just off the Octagon).

TPP Action Dunedin:

Tomorrow MFAT is having the roadshow in town. There will be picket action, petitions, factsheets on the TPPA, info on knowing your rights should you be arrested, flyers for upcoming events, stickers and a couple of speakers. There is also a talk by Tim Hazeldene at 730pm tomorrow night open to the public. (you don’t have to register lol) Come on down!‪#‎TPPAFREEZONE‬ ‪#‎TPPANOWAY‬

picket starting at around 8.45am

It will be interesting regarding both the Roadshow and the protests.

UPDATE: protests very low key, three people politely handing out material.

108 seats slowly filling, presume they match the number of registrations. Needed photo ID and registration paperwork to get in.

When David Walker got up to speak a woman played some music and said “it’s a circus” and was escorted out without incident.