Hager raid court documents published by Scoop

Scoop have obtained court files related to the police raid on Nicky Hager and the seeking of an obtaining of banking data in an investigation of Hager over Dirty Politics and the RawShark hacking of Cameron Slater.

Alastair Thompson details how Scoop obtained the court files  against the wishes of the Crown.

Justice Clifford judge’s minute concluded that the files released today should be released, and that unless the Crown provided compelling reasons by 23rd October 2015 as to why they should not be released, that Scoop should be provided with access to the affidavit evidence of the crown.

Scoop wrote today to the High Court to ascertain whether the Crown had filed objections to the release of this evidence. At the time of publication no response had been received.

The files which have been released so far are linked below. They are all in PDF format. Some minor redactions have been made.

Bryce Edwards may have know his affidavit was about to be released and published. Last week I posted Dirty Politics revisited that was about Edwards having just published Affidavit of Bryce Edwards.

Scoop published this at 12.05 am this morning (Saturday 24 October), as early as possible on the first day they were legally allowed to do so.

It’s interesting that there are two affidavits from Herald senior journalist David Fisher, and this morning there is a Fisher written article at The Herald – Police got Hager data without court order – that talks about other court details released. He seems to have had access to these court files prior to their release.

His article is worth a post of it’s own, coming up next. Obtaining Hager’s Westpac data, David Fisher, the Privacy Act

Bradbury versus Scoop and The Standard

Martyn Bradbury claims at The Daily Blog:

With Scoop about to collapse next month,  The Standard, Public Address and Pundit are about to lose their largest revenue streams.

Alistair Thompson from Scoop:

No Scoop is not about to collapse. I have no idea what Martyn Bradbury is going on about. Looks like his messiah complex is getting worse.

Bradbury has not had a good record with his predictions lately.

And Lyn Prentice blasts him at The Standard in Poor (and rather pathetic) Bomber:

Oh dear, Bomber really has no idea how our site operates. Or how any of these sites operate. We haven’t really depended on advertising for most of the last year. I’d guess that nor has either of the other sites.

That Scoop has financial problems has been obvious for some time. Bomber gloating about it is a tad.. disgusting….

Yes, a tad disgusting if there’s no basis to his claim but not out of character. Malicious left versus left gossip is lose/lose.

Dunne being vindicated after Henry travesty

A comprehensive article that helps understand the situation and implications of the David Henry inquiry and the using of phone and email data – from Scoop editor Alastair Thompson:

The Privileges Of Parliament & Peter Dunne

It is hard not to conclude – in the wake of more than a year of half answers, miss-truths and outright lies around key aspects of the GCSB debacle – that we are now dealing with a rogue Government.

Now the latest monumental balls-up/gross abuse of power (you pick your description) has dragged the Speaker into the net and that has really opened pandora’s box.

On Dunne:

On the face of it Peter Dunne faced a trial by meta-data.

And he was convicted on that meta-data alone when he refused to give up what remained of his rights to privacy.

This of course puts the GCSB Bill which seeks to legalise the wholesale gathering, warehousing and mining of meta-data (which is not defined in the Bill) by the Government without warrant.

What happened to both Peter Dunne and Andrea Vance is deeply disturbing in a way that is not that easy to convey to the public.

And his summary:

Now the “Powerful” Parliament Privileges Committee will consider all of this and my guess is that it will come down very strongly on the side of Parliament.

This will hopefully restore the balance.

But the amount of damage that has been done here should not be underestimated and it will not go away quickly. The Press Gallery will remember this.

Coming on top of the months of obfuscation and outright lying and evasiveness over every aspect of this story from the Kim Dotcom raids and who knew about them when, to the illegal GCSB spying, to the appointment of a child-hood friend of the PM’s as GCSB Director and now the Andrea Vance and Peter Dunne affair – we will remember.

The damage will continue until this is dealt with properly, until the whole truth comes out, and until proper controls and protocols are put in place.

On the other hand Peter Dunne is gradually being vindicated after a travesty of justice and an attempted political hit job that is backfiring.