More police killed in US

Another police shooting in the US, this time in Baton Rouge, Louisana. It has been reported that 3 officers were shot dead and at least another 3 injured.

This follows tensions and unrest in Baton Rouge since police shot and killed Alton Sterling while holding him on the ground outside a convenience store on July 5.  Since then there have been protests and allegations of police beatings.

RT: Baton Rouge shooting: 3 police dead & 3 injured, 1 shooter dead, 2 may be at large – sheriff

Three police officers are confirmed dead and three injured in a shooting on Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway in the state capital of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One suspect was killed and two may be at large, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office said.
Three officers out of five transported to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital have died from their injuries. Two others remain in hospital, with one being in fair condition and the other in a critical state, according to WAFB.

WAFB said that the shootout began in the early hours of Sunday morning on Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway in Baton Rouge, less than one mile from police headquarters.

Baton Rouge police responded to a call reporting a “suspicious person walking down Airline Highway with an assault rifle,” a CNN source said, adding that the person opened fire as soon as the police squad arrived.

NBC News: Baton Rouge Police Ambush Follows Alton Sterling Shooting, Unrest

July 5: Graphic cellphone video appeared to show Alton Sterling, 37, being tackled and shot by two police officers outside of a Baton Rouge convenience store.

July 6: As protests erupted in Baton Rouge over the shooting of Sterling, another black man was shot and killed in Minnesota during a traffic stop.

July 7: Protests over the shootings of the two black men erupted — not only in Louisiana and Minnesota, but all over the country. At a protest in Dallas, which had been largely peaceful, a sniper opened fire on police officers, killing five.

July 8-10: As the nation mourned the Dallas officers killed, protests over Sterling and Castile’s deaths continued all over the country. More than 100 were arrested in Baton Rouge and about the same amount of people were arrested in St. Paul.

July 12: East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux III said the “show of force” used during the protests in the city was due in part to “very real and viable threats” against Baton Rouge law enforcement officers.

Three men and a 13-year-old were arrested, he said, in connection with stealing firearms from a pawn shop in a plot to kill police. One of two suspects connected with the plan, Antonio Thomas, was arrested on the roof of the pawn shop with a handgun and a BB rifle and he “stated that he and three other suspects stole the firearms and were going to get bullets to shoot police,” according to a statement from the Baton Rouge Police Department.

July 16: Another suspect, a 12-year-old, was arrested in connection with the plot to kill Baton Rouge police officers. The two guns missing from the pawn shop are not recovered with the juvenile suspect

July 17: Three Baton Rouge police officers were killed and three others injured in an apparent ambush shooting near police headquarters.

There have been allegations of a police beating at Baton Rouge protests over the killing of Alton Sterling.

The Advocate: Protester claims he was beaten by Baton Rouge police during Alton Sterling demonstration

A 24-year-old man said Thursday Baton Rouge police stomped and punched him, breaking bones in his face when they arrested him during a demonstration over the weekend near police headquarters.

Javier Dunn of Baton Rouge said at a brief press conference that officers in riot gear charged across Goodwood Boulevard and grabbed him from where he was leaning on a car on the far side of the road around 8:30 p.m. Saturday and dragged him into the street where two Baton Rouge policemen struck him with their feet and fists.

“I was held by two officers on my back, one officer stomping my face into the pavement and another officer kneeling down to throw three punches to my face, to my eye,” Dunn said.

A witness, Tracy Fountain, filmed part of the beating, which she said does not capture the worst of the blows. She said Dunn had not been in the road and did not resist officers before he was grabbed and dragged into the street.

A photo provided by state Rep. Ted James, who said he’s known Dunn for the past 15 years, shows Dunn without cuts or bruises to his face as he helped carry a large banner earlier Saturday, reading “Stop murder by police.”


A bit of irony in the name ‘Baton Rouge’ although batons weren’t used in this beating.

The latest police shooting is likely to increase tensions, not just in Baton Rouge.