‘Assets’ reveal Lauda Finem-[Deleted as per court order]-Slater links

On assets and teams and Lauda Finem, [Deleted as per court order] and Cameron Slater.

Lauda Finem play with words to try to deny that they are a front for a handful of (nasty) people based in New Zealand.

We will say it once more, for the last time! Lauda Finem is a foreign based blog, it is not and never has been based in New Zealand or any of it’s territories.

Everything LF publishes we do so quite legally, no different to any other foreign news source. Moreover LF is NOT a party to any legal proceeding in New Zealand whatsoever, nor is any member of team LF, again all members live outside New Zealand, always have, always will. Nor will we be the subject of defamation proceedings in the future as absolutely everything published on LF is the TRUTH, as distasteful as that may be to those who have featured on LF

In typical irony they claim “absolutely everything published on LF is the TRUTH” immediately after telling a big porky.

They may claim that ‘team LF’ is just Antony Nottingham (ok, they don’t admit that but also don’t deny it) and their  New Zealand based operators are not members but ‘assets’.

Here’s an example of Lauda Finem referring to their ‘assets'”

Funnily enough when we had one of our assets point out Fishers mistake to Slater and tweeted it during the lunch break Slater got stuck into Fisher.


Here’s another example:

LF obtained the services of probably Australasia’s greatest investigative asset over the weekend for free…well somebody paid for his services, but it was not LF!!.

Just after that they refer to “New Zealand Justice Campaigner [Precautionary delete]” and anyone who has read through [Precautionary delete] and Lauda Finem – detail will recognise that’s probably not a coincidence.

And another: Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slaters bad dream – climbs into bed with arch nemesis Matthew Blomfield  4 September 2014

In the recorded telephone conversation, between Blomfield and [Delete as per court order] (below)…

[Deleted as per court order]

[Deleted as per court order], one of Slaters many sources, a man who was prepared to go public and stand by Slater in court…[Deleted as per court order]and others who had turned LF assets has assisted in obtaining reams of evidential material which LF has yet to publish.

Lauda Finem openly admit  [Deleted as per court order], one of Cameron Slater’s ‘sources’, as an ‘LF asset’ who has “assisted in obtaining reams of evidential material which LF has yet to publish”.

In an earlier post: TVNZ, John Hudson, Matthew Blomfield and the Ruawai Property Scam – Part One 17 December 2013

In our last post on Blomfield we evidenced that he had likely either colluded with journalists or in the alternative mislead journalists. Having had a little time to review a fraction of the material we, like Slater, received recently…

This makes it fairly clear someone (in New Zealand) has been supplying both Slater and Lauda Finem with material.

Back to the previous post:

In doing so Blomfield had knowingly laid one of those false police complaints against Mr [Deleted as per court order], in fact it was the second in two years that [Deleted as per court order]had been subjected to, both of these complaints designed to intimidate [Deleted as per court order].

As is becoming evident, Lauda Finem et al claims of being harassed can mean the opposite. This is true in my experience, and last week’s Court of Appeal judgment revealed “Mr Blomfield’s application for a restraining order against Mr [Deleted as per court order]was successful in the Auckland District Court. In delivering judgment, Judge Dawson noted that the relationship between the two was “toxic”. The Judge proceeded to find that text messages sent to Mr Blomfield by Mr [Deleted as per court order]constituted harassment under the Harassment Act 1997. A restraining order was accordingly made against Mr [Deleted as per court order] and remains in force until 9 April 2016.”

LF managed to collect additional evidence of this fact, Blomfield’s true intention, by covertly recording a telephone call that Blomfield made to [Deleted as per court order]…

How would LF, who claim none of their ‘team’ have ever lived in New Zealand, covertly record that telephone call?

At the same time Slater was communicating with Blomfield he was also chatting with one of our mutual sources, fishing for additional information on none other than Warren Powell, an action that seemed very suspicious. The source immediately contacted an LF operative and explained what had been unfolding in Slaters Skype texts…

A ‘mutual source’ again. However Slater doesn’use the term ‘asset’, he talks about ‘team’. This email is in the Lauda Finem post:


It seems clear from a number of posts at Lauda Finem that Antony Nottingham doesn’t like Slater. Slater is correct in saying the lauda Finem attacks against Slater’s wife were disgusting (like many LF posts). And he has also been the target of similar, like this in the same post as the emails:

So is Cameron Slater a candidate for filthy Maggot cunt of the year? In the absence of a plausible explanation from the fat-boy himself we here at LF certainly think so. Can Cameron Slater really be trusted to keep his sources safe? We here at LF think not.

But it is also clear from this that there is no honour amongst this lot, they are all vicious, even amongst themselves. The hapless Slater almost looks good in comparison to those who have been using and abusing him.

Back to Lauda Finem’s claim:

Moreover LF is NOT a party to any legal proceeding in New Zealand whatsoever, nor is any member of team LF, again all members live outside New Zealand, always have, always will.

Lie 1 – [Deleted as per court order] still lives in Auckland as far as I know.

Lie 2 – Lauda Finem stated “[Deleted as per court order], one of Slaters many sources, a man who was prepared to go public and stand by Slater in court”. And there is also evidence that [Deleted as per court order]is a party to other legal proceedings.

Lauda Finem and Cameron Slater may use different terms but it seems clear that an LF asset is the same thing as a Slater team member.

Regardless of their semantics one could wonder whether people like [Deleted as per court order] are assets or liabilities.


[Precautionary delete] and Lauda Finem

Lauda Finem is a website that has mainly New Zealand orientated content and is clearly targeting a New Zealand audience. It has a reputation for personal attacks, lying and defamation, with potentially hundreds of people amongst the targets.

Disclosure: I have been a target of Lauda Finem and have been subject to attacks in several posts that contain a number of blatantly false claims and I believe it sometimes amounts to defamation.

In my opinion they have a long record of making false accusations and making despicable attacks, and theer seems to be a lot  intimidatory and threatening behaviour. And they commonly accuse others of doing exactly what they themselves are doing.

This post plus a more detailed post shows to some degree how closely associated [Precautionary delete] has been with the Lauda Finem website. How close is up to you to judge, from Lauda Finem’s own words.

In August Lauda Finem claimed:

We will say it once more, for the last time! Lauda Finem is a foreign based blog, it is not and never has been based in New Zealand or any of it’s territories.

Everything LF publishes we do so quite legally, no different to any other foreign news source. Moreover LF is NOT a party to any legal proceeding in New Zealand whatsoever, nor is any member of team LF, again all members live outside New Zealand, always have, always will.

I think that is at the very least very misleading. One could quibble over what “member of team LF” means exactly.  ‘Foreign based’ means nothing, this site could claim to be foreign based or hosted (like Lauda Finem is).

But it’s clear that Lauda Finem have had a close interest in New Zealand based issues and have paid close attention to people in New Zealand, and have paid comparatively little attention to anything or anyhone outside New Zealand.

And if as some believe that [Precautionary delete]’s brother Antony is the only significant ‘team LF’ member who resides overseas then the claim that all members of the ‘team’ have never lived in New Zealand is suspect.

I have asked @laudafinem directly if he/she is Antony Nottingham and they have avoided answering, more than once. I don’t recall seeing any specific denial that Antony Nottingham is the overseas ‘owner’.

Denials of New Zealand associations are usually couched in vague language designed to imply no New Zealand connection rather than categorically deny.

My posts will show that a significant part of many of Lauda Finem posts and much of their content is closely related to and involves [Precautionary delete] – who I believe lives in New Zealand.

He has probably featured in more Lauda Finem posts than anyone else. He has frequently been quoted and praised.

He features in something like 90 posts, and sometimes he is virtually the sole focus of the post. His name is repeated sometimes 20, 30, 40 times in a post.

If you read and believed much of Lauda Finem you could easily get the impression that [Precautionary delete] is the most wonderful  and truly great unsung hero in the world (using some of their own words). Nottingham could hardly praise himself any more than the frequent accolades he gets on Lauda Finem.

I have collated quite a bit of information that demonstrates the attention given to [Precautionary delete]by Lauda Finem. It builds a picture of what sort of association Lauda Finem and [Precautionary delete] have.

Lauda Finem have often made it clear that they are located outside New Zealand and [Precautionary delete] doesn’t own the site. That may be so but it leaves open many possibilities that could include co-operation, collusion, co-authorship, exchange of information etc. Some of those at least have taken place.

It  is long but I believe an important record – a record accumulated by what Lauda Finem themselves have collected, in their own words.

There’s a clear pattern of Lauda Finem investigations paralleling [Precautionary delete]’s investigations and court actions.

My take on this? [Precautionary delete]appears to me to have been a significant and possibly integral part of the content at Lauda Finem over the past five years.

Here are some brief examples.

Lauda Finem state they have received information from [Precautionary delete]that they then posted:

We also received, via email,  Justice and consumer rights campaigner [Precautionary delete]s comment, we have however not edited it, after all it is his story and his personal opinion of Milne and has undoubtedly been formed as a result of his own personal experiences of him, Fair Go, TVNZ and its so-called “staffers”

An Open letter suggests that communications have been both ways:

You will note that we have copied in Justice campaigner [Precautionary delete] as it seems to us that he to has been greatly affected by these sham websites and their so called members

Kind Regards

Sharon McBride

The Team @ Lauda Finem


With that outcome in mind LF have emailed [Precautionary delete]and advised him of Blomfield’s email…

There’s a number of similar admissions.

Lauda Finem also claim to be providing safe storage of information of Nottingham’s:

LF has it on good authority that [Precautionary delete], as is his nature, had filmed Mayer on numerous occasions confessing to the criminal frauds, and also filmed Mayer’s sister-in-law offering up her involvement in his orgy of criminal forgery and fraud.

Apparently [Precautionary delete]secured a video statement from the sister-in-law following a visit to the SFO. None of these video’s have been supplied to the Serious fraud Office…as yet. (LF however have the complete set, here in the Netherlands for safe keeping)

This suggests that Nottingham has given “the complete set” of videos to “LF” in the Netherlands for safekeeping.

This also demonstrates typical contortions where they seem to be claiming some vague and distant association but then contradict it – “on good authority that [Precautionary delete]”, “apparently [Precautionary delete]” but then they state they are storing the complete set of [Precautionary delete]videos.

Some more extracts:

“Quite what it was that he’d hoped to achieve we’re unsure of as neither [Precautionary delete]or for that matter Lauda Finem take kindly to threats.”

…”and Butler chose to play games with [Precautionary delete]and the team here at Lauda Finem.”

“We like justice, as does justice campaigner [Precautionary delete]. In fact from what we’ve been able to establish Mr Nottingham likes, as we do, sifting through the chaft and finding facts that support justice…”

“We’ll be sure to pass on your bogus admission to Mr [Precautionary delete]…”

“From what documentation we have been given by the informant victim it would appear to us that [Precautionary delete] clinically assessed Nurse Athol as suffering from narcissistic disorder and as suffering from a psychosis that was being played by Nurse Athol’s masters at ACC.”

“Women are just as susceptible as men to wanting the trappings of power, or to be driven by jealously, and according to New Zealand Justice Campaigner [Precautionary delete]Ms Bowie-Broad is a ravenous plague rat when it comes to spreading her disease of lies, deceit, jealously, incompetence, and intellectual inadequacy.”

” [Precautionary delete]had also found out…”

“A breakthrough for LF came with David “what bomb” Butler rolling over naming names to Justice Campaigner [Precautionary delete]. [Precautionary delete], in his normal style, got significant admissions out of David Butler whilst, unbeknownst to Butler, filmed Butler.”

“Nottingham and LF didn’t disagree with Butlers position.

“On footage that LF holds [Precautionary delete]appears to tear up when Butler gives [Precautionary delete]two examples of his early life…:

“What concerns us is that the people that are being threatened have nothing to do with the ownership or operation of LAUDA FINEM…”

They keep referring to ownership of the website, but ownership is not the issue here, it is the degree of association and collusion between Lauda Finem and [Precautionary delete] that is of critical interest.

We accept your apology and would suggest that you also apologise to Mr [Precautionary delete] for having wrongly assumed his involvement with Lauda Finem. We have made it clear on a number of occasions who owns, runs and contributes to Lauda Finem, on one occasion publishing an email we received from Fairfax Media NZ. Indeed [Precautionary delete] would have the quite extraordinary ability to be omnipresent given that he lives in New Zealand and the team @ Lauda Finem are all in Australia.

That was several years ago when one member and probably the official owner of Lauda Finem was based in Australia – believed to be Antony Nottingham.

Lauda Finem now claim to operate out of the Netherlands and some claim that is where Antony Nottingham has moved. I know there is some Lauda Finem related activity from the Netherlands.

But it is obviously that Lauda Finem have close connections with New Zealand, and it seems with [Precautionary delete].