Anzac services Islamic prayer dropped after threats of violence

It hasn’t taken long for the ugliness of intolerance to come back to normal nasty levels.

A report that one Anzac service in New Zealand would include an Islamic prayer raised some genuine concerns, but also initiated a barrage of anger and threats that has resulted in a change of plan with the Islamic prayer deemed too risky.

It’s very sad to see threats of violence dictating what can and can’t be done, especially involving Anzc Day which has become New Zealand’s primary focus on the need for peace.

I think this is as bad as the threats of violence that have been used to try to stop international speakers from\m speaking at events in New Zealand.

What if there were threats of violence to try to eliminate Christian prayers from Anzac services?

What next – a ban on wearing anything on your head at a dawn service?

New Zealand appeared to have changed a lot after the Christchurch mosque massacres, and in some ways we have, but it has also stirred up discord that shows that we have a lot of work to do still to move towards a more tolerant and decent society.