Right wing apologist

Gotta laugh when you find things like this, from a Caption Contest at The Standard:


Ecosse Maidy submitted more then twenty captions, most fairly lame, including this one:

JK: Well I dint invite him!
DC: I dint invite him either!:
JK: Well we will just have to stay here till he stops talking cak and leaves
DC: That could be a while, its freezing out here:

JK: I wonder how the hell that right wing apologist Pete George got his hands on an invite?

I don’t recall having much if anything to do with Ecosse Maidy and it’s yonks since I’ve commented at TS so it’s a bit weird to see this, but quite hilarious.

Of course 90% of people seem right wing to most of the Standard regulars.

David Farrar posted this alignment chart at Kiwiblog:


I think I’m generally fairly average middle-ish but move around a bit, having voted from Green to National this century. But that may seem like far right to Ecosse Maidy.

My style is quite different but my political preferences probably aren’t that far from either lprent or Farrar in man respects. But I’ve never been anywhere near Downing Street.