Dotcom with dollops of crazy crazy

Further to Labour try diversion and counterattack there has been an avalanche of accusations directed at John Key about whether the GSCB told him about the Winston Peters visits to Dotcom’s house. Dotcom has now confirmed the visits, saying Peters didn’t admit them due to a confidentiality agreement.

Winston Peters didn’t answer questions about his visit because we agreed on confidence. I released him from this confidence now. #manOFhonor

Dotcom then followed up with his own accusations.

Ask John Key how he knew about Winston Peters visiting the mansion 3 times. Only 4 people knew about it & probably Ian Fletcher at the GCSB.

Ask John Key if he is aware of a warrant currently allowing the #GCSB or any other NZ agency surveillance of my communications.

Gordon Campbell, recently appointed editor of Scoop after Alistair Thompson resigned due to his association with Dotcom and his Internet Party, has also posted a strongly pro-Dotcom pro-Norman anti-Key column – Gordon Campbell on smear tactics in politics.

Key has been interestingly specific about how often Peters is supposed to have visited Dotcom, on three separate occasions. How could Key know this? Surely, one would hope, not through using SIS/GCSB surveillance for his own political purposes?

He then goes on to attack Key on a number of issues. This is very risky for Campbell, it won’t make repairing the perceptions of Scoop bias easy.

Then there’s some bizarre tweets from what looks like either a new account for NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor:

New account as I was sick of the twittering of trolls they have all been banned good riddance I do not need this in my busy life.

Good night enough twittering time for cup of tea and then sleep big day tomorrow for me and our statesman leader Rt Hon Winston Peters.

Our statesman leader Rt. Hon. Winston Peters will ask an important question during question time today i look forward to it.

There’s no question from Peters today, it’s possible he backed out once Dotcom confirmed their meetings.

Media wanting to know who Rt Hon Winston Peters meets with are being nosey. Who do they meet with?

I am elected official u should be grateful your taxes pay me to fight this corrupt gvt

Why won’t the media say how many times they met Kim Dotcom? Why ask MPs private details if they won’t do it too. Bad media.

@matthewjpb I am real, your Nat mates hacked my other account. They are dodgy and unacceptable

Was it the GSCB that hacked my other twitter? Need the truth …

Smeone asked what I wondered:

Is the new @asenatitaylormp really her? or is it a piss take? so hard to tell!

It appears to be authentic but hard to be certain. If it’s legitimate the question is if she is flying alone or acting on advice from Peters.

It get’s crazier, but these people actually sound serious – lprent at The Standard:

So much squealing from our favourite RWNJ’s.

Looks like Mike has struck a nerve…

Perhaps we should get the police to look at Cameron’s email to find out if the GCSB staff have been leaking to him? We have no idea if the GCSB is still monitoring KDC because the warrants are sealed.

After all the security acts operate on a presumption of guilt until proven innocent

One comment “I genuinely, quite literally, facepalmed” but others support the conspiracies. lprent again:

If it is what we suspect, then John Key could get a visit from the police to drag him into court.

It is illegal to use the state security apparatus to advance a politician’s agenda.

Note the ‘we’. Both the post author Mike Smith and he are in Labour.

Fekix Marwick:

PM says spy agencies not used re Peters-Dotcom meetings “from time to time pple see things, and from time to time they tell me”

PM says Dotcom-Peters info passed onto him by an individual “I was pretty sure they were right because they often are Guess what, they were”

And Stuff:

“I can absolutely categorically tell you it’s got nothing to do with an official agency. From time to time people see things and from time to time people tell me.”

In reply to the last tweet Greg Presland (another Labourite, involved with David Cunliffe’s electorate):

An individual who works for the GCSB?

He’s a lawyer.

And now Winston Peters has publicly acknowledged his meetings and has tweeted

I met Kim Dotcom three times in the last two years. I’ve asked the PM to explain how he knew about the meetings.

This will no doubt continue.