Paywalled political content and reaching an audience

When politicians use media to get their message out they generally want as big an audience as possible.  So if one media source puts most political content behind a paywall, who are politicians more likely to talk to?

If politicians think that a story has to be made public but they want as little exposure as possible perhaps the paywall approach helps them do this.


Seven Sharp’s three priorities – audience, audience, audience

Seven Sharp is TV One’s new current affairs show following the news each weekday evening. Executive producer Raewyn Rasch answered twelve questions for NZ Herald, and one was on competing with Campbell Live on TV3.

4. Is Campbell Live your main competition – do you like John Campbell?

Well, it is on at that same time but I think our shows are going to be so different. Still current affairs but we are taking a different approach. [Seven Sharp] is a programme that’s going to keep the audience first and foremost. While it would be lovely to have people saying nice things about us all the time, it’s really only the audience that counts. I have the utmost respect for Campbell Live.

That’s only two mentions of audience but it’s obvious that Audience Audience Audience is all important. That could be rephrased as Advertisers Advertisers Advertisers but that would sound a bit too mercenary.

Still current affairs? I might watch it some time and see for myself if I am part of the target audience, but I’ll switch to Campbell during the commercial breaks – actually they will probably synchronise their breaks so I’ll more likley be back to the Internet to find current affairs that don’t focus on the celebrity type.