Roy Morgan poll – August 2020

The Roy Morgan polls results for August have been published – remember that unusually they poll right through the month, which may make it harder to analyse the results.

Labour have eased slightly but are still well ahead. National have come up a little but are still a very distant second.

Greens have risen quite a bit over the last two months, but have been regularly polling much higher in Roy Morgan polls than with other major polls.

  • Labour 48% (down 5.5%)
  • National 28.5% (up 2%)
  • Greens 11.5% (up 3.5%)
  • ACT Party 6% (down 0.5%)
  • NZ First 2.5% (up 1)
  • The Opportunities Party 1% (down 0.5%)
  • Maori Party 0.5% (no change)

No result for the JLR/conspiracy parties.

Roy Morgan are usually favourable for the Greens, and this won’t have been affected much by the Green School debacle, but they look sort of safe at this stage.

NZ First have a lot of ground to make up.

National are a way off the pace and look very unlikely to seriously challenge Labour. The biggest point of interest at this stage is whether Labour have enough to govern on their own or not (or with the greens but not needing Green votes to implement their policies of choice).

It’s still six weeks until the election but there would need to be major unexpected events to substantially change the outcome.


Combined poll results from Opinion polling for the 2020 New Zealand general election