TVNZ baby boob

It hasn’t taken long for media to breach the strict controls on coverage of Jacinda Ardern’s baby at Parliament. TVNZ stuffed up yesterday.

Newstalk ZB: TVNZ apologise for filming Jacinda Ardern breastfeeding

An apology from TVNZ after one of its cameramen filmed Jacinda Ardern feeding her daughter Neve

The Prime Minister today attended the announcement that plastic bags would be banned, and brought her eight week old baby Neve along with her.

While standing at the back of the hall, a One News cameraman turned and filmed Ardern while she was holding Neve.

A blanket is covering Neve, and TVNZ surmised that Ardern was breastfeeding.

The video has since been taken down.

A TVNZ spokeswoman said the video was removed after they had received a lot of criticism and decided it was wrong.

A spokeswoman told AAP that their focus should have been on the press conference.

“We accept the criticism. We got it wrong,” she told the news agency.

Will the Speaker Trevor Mallard follow through with action? He threatened serious consequences for breaches of his baby coverage ban – see Speaker demands that media censor baby coverage in Parliament:

Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard has issued a warning to journalists planning to take unauthorised photos of returning Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s baby Neve.

The Parliamentary Press Gallery was informed that any journalists who took unauthorised photos would have their accreditation removed and their employer would also be penalised.

If he doesn’t show he has bite to back up his bark then it is likely to be flouted again.

Why was the baby there?

I have to ask why Ardern had her baby with her at what she promoted as a major Government announcement. Is this going to be a normal thing?  Are Government functions going to be subjected to possible interruptions because a baby gets grizzly and wants a feed?

Most working mothers make arrangements for alternative care of their babies. I fed a baby expressed milk while it’s mother worked on night duty. It takes a bit of planning and effort but it’s what most parents deal with.

Ardern risks baby distractions, including unauthorised media coverage, if she takes her baby to work with her.

And I think it’s fair to ask whether Ardern is playing the baby card for political purposes. I don’t think there is any justification for her to have her baby at media conferences. She’s lucky she can even take her baby to her workplace, most parents can’t, it’s either not possible or not practical. And it’s not professional.