Little: Backing the Kiwi dream

Andrew Little on defying the TPPA, and on changing the Government, and on Labour Party priorities, in a regional conference speech in Rotorua:

This weekend in #Waihi, Labour’s ‘Region 2’ gathered with other electorates of the Bay, greater Waikato and Hauraki to plan and debate the best ways in which we can ensure kiwis like YOU have access to opportunity – not just the 1%.

Here are a few sharp punches from Andrew’s speech, highlighting how the #TPPA won’t stand in the way of Labour doing right by New Zealanders in 2017.

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We don’t have to defy the TPPA. But we will. Labour will defy the TPPA…if that is what we have to do.

So these things are achievable if you’ve got a political will to do it.

We can fix those problems if we’ve got a mind to do it. And we do, because the truth is that some of these things are getting urgent now.

The idea that night after night we see families struggling, putting their kids to bed in cars, living in garages, that’s not acceptable any more.

And we should put a line under it and say “If you haven’t got a solution to that problem, if you’re not prepared to give it urgency,   if you’re not prepared to be serious about it and fix it, you don’t deserve to be in Government. You shouldn’t be in Government.”

“If you’re not going to fix the health system, and make sure the elderly can get the care that they need, you can’t be in Government, because you’re not looking after Kiwis.”

“And if you’re not going to look after the education system, and make it the basis on which our children can thrive and prosper and succeed in life,  you can’t be in Government, because you’re not lookin’ after the future generation of Kiwis who need it.”

Those are the questions we face. Those are the challenges we’ve got, and I can tell you with the Labour Party, those things are our priority. They have been for the last hundred years.

They have been since we formed a government eighteen years ago, and they are right now, because they are the things about strengthening the communities, and building a nation.

And we need more of that, so I’m saying to you now, for the next eighteen months, cast around.  Have a look closely at what you’re being told.

Push back when you’re being told we can’t do that.

Don’t accept the excuse that it’s someone else’s fault. I’m going to have to say the National Party, they’ve spent the last eight years blaming the Labour Government. It’s eight years on, for heaven’s sake.

It’s time to take responsibility.

The reality is, they’ve got no answer. They’ve got no vision. They are not about building our nation and building the people in it, and giving chance, and opportunity, and a sense of the future, and a sense of hope.

We are, and we’re going to go storming around New Zealand telling everybody that.

And next year, 2017, we’ll have the chance to put in power a party that is about building New Zealand and restoring that Kiwi dream.