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Automation Nation Quentin Todd I am ready
Home Paddock Ele Ludemann I agree a debate on superannuation is a good idea and will post on it in the next few days. (email)
Keeping Stock Inventory2 Having a BADASS discussion on Superannuation
We agree with Pete George; there needs to be a wide-ranging debate, right across the political spectrum, and a bipartisan approach needs to be taken. For that reason, we are more than happy to offer our support to his BADASS campaign.
Kiwiblog David Farrar Shearer right on this issue though
I also welcome the call for a cross-party solution. This “solution” though should not just look at the retirement age, but also issues such as indexing, income and asset testing and the like. Our current scheme is the most generous in the world as it has no means testing of any sort, and is linked to the median wage. Ideally a cross-party group would take a first principles approach, and say “What sot of public superannuation scheme should be operating in 30 years time that is fair and affordable”.
Imperator Fish Scott Yorke Key’s Secret Super Plans
Why does John Key appear so confident that we are not facing a future superannuation crisis?
NZ Institute of Economic Research Inc (NZIER Jean-Pierre de Raad Superannuation dilemma
The government has agreed to investigate United Future’s flexi-superannuation proposal – the idea that people are able to choose whether to take up superannuation at age 60 at a reduced rate or at a higher rate at some later age. It is good that changes to superannuation are on the table. But it is critical that discussion is not limited to just this flexibility.
The discussion will not be easy, as there are some major questions of intergenerational fairness to be resolved. But New Zealand Superannuation cannot be treated as a holy cow. If we choose not to touch it, we are choosing to touch healthcare, education and other areas of government spending that are possibly more important for our long term wellbeing and prosperity. There is no free lunch.
Pundit Tim Watkin Finally, we see the elephant in the room
The simple reason superannuation is such a big talking point now…is that the super bill is one of the country’s biggest.
No-one wanted to touch the superannuation debate exactly because it involved so many people – so many people who vote.Yes, there is a risk that if we’re willing to have the super debate, everything from its universality to its percentages are up for grabs.If it’s changed once, future governments could change it more – cut it, slice it, shrink it.But the plus side is that we can now talk about how we save, as a country, for our retirement.And that’s essential, because contrary to what Jonathan thinks, it really is one of the biggest issues in town.
Public Address Matt Vickers Doing the right thing on retirement
The retirement age is not a left or right issue. It’s an intergenerational issue.
Labour may not be in a position to form a government after the election, but they could submit a private member’s bill on the resumption of parliament.
 The Standard Eddie Key’s future gets shorter
It’s a bit like Key’s attitude to superannuation. While Key continues to deny reality, Shearer is discussing how it could work…
 Whaleoil Cameron Slater Can we have some sensible discourse on super please?
There is a great deal of talk about raising the age of eligibility for National Superannuation. Every single person pushing this agenda misses the point. All that is going to do is push the bubble out a few years but the bubble still exists.Instead of talking about eligibility around age we need to talk about eligibility full stop.
Yea or Nay Monique Watson Superannuation Timebomb
How to fund the wellbeing and health costs of those members of society approaching the age of 65 and over is the political puzzle of this decade. the problem is not unique to new Zealand. With regards to New Zealand’s unique set of circumstances:
The answers are clearer if you take the political ploys of the last decade and unstitch them.
Your Dunedin Pete George BADASS Supporter
Your Dunedin supports BADASS in seeking debate on super solutions. It’s a debate the country has to have, we need to unite to initiate a decent discussion, then let the debate begin.

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