NZ’s Trump, Bob Jones?

Does Bob Jones deserve the title of New Zealand’s Donald Trump?

Or is Donald Trump the United States’ Bob Jones.

But Jones says that Trump is spectacularly ignorant.

I haven’t seen Ben Uffindel or The Civilian for quite a while. He has NZ on Air funding and a website called Watch Me.

He compares Trump and Jones, and asks Jones about it.

Season 1: Episode 7 NZ’s Donald Trump? PG

The Civilian tracks down Sir Bob Jones and accuses him of being New Zealand’s Donald Trump. Bob responds with a critique of our reporter’s questions, intelligence and fashion sense. It would be safe to say Sir Bob Jones does not see himself as New Zealand’s Donald Trump. He does however see Gareth Morgan as a ‘goose’.

“You should get Gareth on, he’d talk about himself for ever”.