Letter to John Key re Lt Col Bill Blaikie

Following this post Active Service Veteran support  which makes the case of Lt Col Bill Blaikie, an Afghanistan veteran, father of 3, battling with the effects of PTSD and needing treatment” here is a letter to John Key from bjmarsh1 (posted as a comment here).

“Dear Prime Minister,

I wish to draw your attention to a serious failure in the unwritten contract between the Government and the servicemen they send off to active service. That unspoken contract which dates back to the Land Wars in New Zealand is that the Government will ensure that they provide the necessary treatment for battle casualties, and provide for affected dependants.

This contract if fundamental to the maintenance of morale and the fighting ethic of New Zealand servicemen. The consequences of a failure to keep the Government’s end of the bargain inevitably leads to a loss in combat efficiency and effectiveness. This is an elementary fact of warfare.

Lt Col Bill Blaikie a father of three children, as a consequence of his active service has received some treatment in New Zealand, but now needs specialised treatment for PTSD which is not available in New Zealand.but is available in Australia.

After being rejected by Veterans Affairs for support, as well as apparently the RSA, he is now reduced to an appeal to the public of New Zealand for $40,000 to fund his treatment.

I as a former senior Army Officer with active service experience including Vietnam, am horrified by a National Government’s failure to act, and am even more disappointed that the Minister in charge of Veterans Affairs was not available for comment. He lacks moral courage.

Shame on you all.”

The response I received was an automatic reply indicating that because this was a personal opinion I would not necessarily receive a response from the Prime Minister. This is not the sort of response I would expect from a caring Government to an experienced Officer especially on the day we as a country have committed our servicemen to a further two years of commitment in a hostile environment.

I call upon the Prime Minister to respond to my questions in Public. It is time to be honest John Key!


I expect that bj will have used his own name in his letter to Key.

The Lt Coll Bill Blaikie Givealittle page for those interested.

UPDATEL Currently 1,119 donors, $42,060 raised. That is a great result so far.

It includes these donations within the last hour:

RNZRSA $4,961.00

On behalf of RSAs around the country, we are stand with you. Thank you for your service.

Auckland RSA $6,250.00

On behalf of the Auckland RSA we are very greatful to you and your family for your service. You are not alone. Go well my friend.

Good to see.

But donations do not excuse the Government’s inaction.