Some serious snow

The blizzard in the United States has seen some serious dumps of snow – this should be compulsory viewing for New Zealand journalists before heading up the Northern Motorway (Mt Cargill) or the Crown Range to find a few wee flurries and a smattering of white stuff to plaster over the news here.

Reports confirm that it could be close to record snow falls in some parts of the US.

Dave Engelkemeyer uses a snow blower in front of his home on Allerton Hill in Hull, Massachusetts

I’ve experienced snow like that in Manhattan and Long Island, in the December 2003 nor’easter.

A woman digs out her car after it was blocked in by drifting snow during a blizzard in Portland, Maine

And that, I had to walk several kilometers on conditions like that (at night).

Cars are buried in snow near Hamden, Connecticut

But I haven’t seen anything quite like that before. Especially not in Dunedin. This is more typical of a Dunedin snowfall:

Robertson family's walk to the Playhouse in Dunedin. Photo Bruce Robertson

The worst I have experienced here is about a foot (3o cm) of snow in Central Otago in 1995, when it didn’t melt away for up to two weeks. That was exceptional for here and nowhere near as bad as it gets in the US.

Snow can be a big nuisance, and it can also be a lot of fun as this clip of Tian Tian the panda from the Smithsonian Zoo shows:

That’s very cool in more ways than one.