NARK blog – Report One

This is a guest blog post as requested by the contributor and is the opinion of the contributor only. 

Report One into the allegations swarming around in regards to NARK.

So far names and groups of those involved in the smear campaign against NARK and some personally involved have been collected.  These findings indicate some if not a large number elected to the Interim Working Party of NARK were in fact from the Boycotters of the Breaking Silence, the Kahui Book face book pages and the anti Ian Wishart campaign.

That is a rather disturbing revelation and that being said, then joining NARK, is in complete and total contrast to the cause and foundation principle of NARK.  Whether you disagree or agree with the book, it’s being on sale or if you want to read the book or not, that is irrelevant to the fact it is, in line with taking a stand against Child Abuse in that particular case, and is speaking out.  In essence, also trying to help raise awareness on the issue of child abuse in NZ via that one story, whether you agree with it or not.

For the record I have no views on the book or what it contains. I do however question the misaligned moral logic of members from the anti Breaking Silence campaign and Facebook groups whom hold the opposite core principle to NARK, then wanting to jump on board NARK.  That only begs the questions, where was their moral alignment or care of duty, to this fledgling organization while being in both camps?  This could only result in bringing disrepute to one or the other if not both efforts, to raise awareness to the child abuse issue, in NZ.  This indeed has been the result thus far, let alone to them.

Investigation finding some ex-members comments on other face book pages can only conclude the situation with NARK today, in itself, is a direct cause and also a direct result of this moral divide and or dilemma(s) of said ex-members feet, being in both camps.  This moral divide, willingly or unwittingly, has brought disrepute to a fledgling organization which raised the profile of Child abuse in NZ almost overnight.

This subject was bought out into the open and got people talking about a much taboo subject in NZ society and that focus, has now shifted.  My findings are that these morally divided folk have not seen their misaligned moral judgments or the damage it is causing, while they are striking out instead, of reviewing their own stance and views, of being on either, one side of the other, not both.

This can only beg the following questions. Are they helping or hindering the core need in New Zealandof finding resolution to the issue of Child Abuse?  Are they after some similar media attention and spot-light afforded to Cherie and NARK?  If they become involved in other such similar organizations should they be supported or thoroughly investigated?   My findings and learning of other fund raising efforts they have partaken, in a similar unstructured vain in which resulted in accusations against NARK, would suggest that the same scrutiny is warranted there, and possibly more fitting.

There is need for further investigation here due to collected evidence of some involved giving misleading information on the subject of fund raising.   Never the less, the behavior witnessed is only prudent of why there is more of a need for such an awareness campaign in New Zealandon child abuse, while raising more issues in need of attention.

This situation of using the internet and social medium to harass accuse abuse and bully NARK, aligns well with the Cyber Bulling Legislation currently being looked at in Parliament.  The whole picture including various NARK accusation pages set up via Facebook is a clear demonstration and the example Government needed to validate why this legislation is urgently needed in regards to curb cyber bullying. There is an urgent need, as this clearly demonstrates by this campaign of accusers and why better monitoring as to who can access this medium, and for what purpose.  The mis-use of a telephone line springs to mind and could be the platform to look at further widening of charges in regards to cyber bullying. Either way, Government now has a case to look at, is the findings here.

Irrelevant you may say??  Actually, it is very relevant. Why?? You may ask. There are children around you, witnessing this behavior whether you are a parent, a grandparent, foster caregiver, aunt uncle brother sister parent friend or neighbor. No matter what side you are on.  Children are most certainly being exposed to this venom abuse and accusations via the use of the internet in their own homes, towards NARK.

I find it ironic and stupefying that children could very well be and possibly are being neglected while these accusers spread their accusations sitting on the internet instead of spending quality time with their children or nieces nephew’s grandchildren etc.  This may also be putting more children at risk or worse still, see them follow suit with acting in a similar fashion of bullying in the play ground or street harassing another child needlessly because he/she doesn’t have the right label pants on.

The fact my investigations reveal many of the accusers and abusers hurling accusation at NARK have children in their home find and can only conclude, these actions and behaviors are totally and immorally, bankrupt.  The choices you are now giving your own children is to follow suit. They could already be following the behavior of the parent abuser/accusers example and could well now, become abusers themselves. As they say, child leads by example and this isn’t a good example seen by many who are watching the goings on, on these accusation based, face book pages.

The mind boggles.  That thought is truly daunting and not the prudent actions of any, child abuse campaign supporter.  I dare say again, here is the same moral divide of being in both camps and their own actions born of that divide yet to be considered nor realized, sadly, while causing a lot of angst and misery for others while they, attention seek.  Further investigations reveal this could be a thought process disorder.

This bares the next question. Should Government now be expected to undertake an investigation into all these organizations claiming to represent children or client, given this example, is possibly the moral fiber and background of some of these folk in other, such similar organization to NARK?   Further investigations reveal some of which have spring boarded off the back of NARK and house some of these NARK accusers and abusers.

The findings suggest this would be prudent and perhaps stop and or prevent needless and possibly dubious interactions of these morally divided, interacting with some at risk children, quite possibly and not to mention their own.  Perhaps this would also save the Government revenue and wasted time on nit-picking accusations wasting valuable time effort and  money on fruitless investigations derived out of spite and malice and divided logic, revenue which is much needed, else where.

In regards to the allegations against NARK, this investigation reveals this fledgling organization has been extremely transparent while others, not so much and perhaps should be before casting stones.  Suggestion would be that the founder of this organization puts notice up to anyone interested or wanting any further information; they can do so by way of written request under the Official Information Act.  Accusers, stop trying to steal the lime-light while you attention seek at this organizations and supporters expense and give NARK some breathing room to get on with the tasks given to them, cleaning up the mess left  by some of the anti Breaking Silence campaign supporters, exit of  NARK.

This investigation will most certainly continue with hope the next installment reports adults behaving more like adults and setting a good example for their own children to follow with sound moral fiber in regard to gossiping and passing judgments.  This is very much needed for the task of changing the face of child abuse and abuse in general in New Zealand and without, is a lost cause as has been demonstrated, and not the way forward.

Which begs the last questions of this report and hopefully something for you to think about: Is this the New Zealandway?? Is this the way to demonstrate building brighter communities for children’s safer futures???  Where is the mutual respect???

Where is the Team work???  Where in this debacle are any of you thinking of the Children inNew Zealand???   How counter-productive to the cause with this smear campaign can you be???  How many Children are being neglected put at risk and abused by these actions while you ignore your own children????  Lastly, how on earth can you call yourselves child abuse campaigners when you act in this manner???

Please put some prospective on it.  Kia kaha NZ Children.