Three suspects killed plus hostage deaths reported

Reports of the Charlie Hebdo killers being holed up in an industrial area just north ot Paris. Possibly in a printing company premises.

DanmartinMention of a heavy exchange of fire, a  high speed car chase, some people may have been killed. Now a siege in Dammartin-en-Goële possibly with hostages.

A huge police operation is under way in a town north-east of Paris as police move in to detain the men suspected of massacring staff at Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Shots were fired earlier as the gunmen hijacked a car.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed the operation in Dammartin-en-Goele, 35 km (22 miles) from Paris.

At least one hostage has been taken at a warehouse in the small town, French media reports suggest.

Report: one person killed, several injured in shootout.

Possibly up to ten people held hostage (buit only five employees at printing business).

Official report from the Interior Ministry – there is an operation under way to neutralise the terrorists.

Police deny any deaths today.

And now: Reports now of 2 dead and 20 injured in hostage taking situation in Dammartin-en-Goele

Impossible to know at this stage.

UPDATE: I’ve just got up to news that there has gunfire and explosions at the printworks in Dammarten. It has been announced that it was “the assault to end it” and the terrorists may have been killed.

Unconfirmed reports from French media that Charlie Hebdo gunmen have been killed

#BREAKING Charlie Hebdo gunmen’s hostage freed and safe after police assault

Multiple reports now that both suspects have been killed. Few people will be disappointed with that outcome.

And at the same time there has been an incident at a supermarket in Paris where there is also a hostage. And there have just been several loud explosions there.

Explosions and gunfire heard at scene of hostage-taking at kosher supermarket in eastern Pari

BREAKING Several hostages freed at Jewish supermarket in Paris: AFP

A report that the supermarket hostage taker was demanding the Dammarten building not be stormed. Reports now that the hostage taker has been killed.

Charlie Hebdo hunt: Police storm two hostage sites

French police have stormed two hostage sites in Paris and north of the city.

Gunshots and explosions have been heard at a printworks warehouse in Dammartin-en-Goele, where two suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shootings were holding at least one hostage.

French media are reporting that the two suspects, brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, have been killed.

Explosions and gunfire could also be heard at at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris, at Porte de Vincennes.

A gunman there was thought to be holding several hostages. Reports suggest he is linked to the Charlie Hebdo suspects.

Hostages could be seen coming out from the Hypercacher supermarket

Hostages leaving supermarket

The hostage at the printworks warehouse has also been freed, while a police officer at the scene was injured, AFP news agency said.

#BREAKING Killed Charlie Hebdo suspects came out firing on security forces: source Agence France-Presse

That sounds like a virtual suicide closure.

BBC News tweets: Seems like it is all over. 2 and a half days of chaos in Paris and surrounds. 15 civilians/police dead. 3 suspects dead.

AFP reports that one police officer was injured in the assault on the siege site in Dammartin-en-Goele.

And BBC reports of possible injuries or casualties from the supermarket.

Police quoted as saying the Dammerten hostage has been freed and the suspects (Cherif and Said Kouachi) have been killed.

Apparently a 26 year old woman is “still on the run”.

The supermarket hostage taker is now reported to being the killer of the policewoman in Montrouge (Paris) yesterday. Apparently the policewoman had been on the job for thirteen days.

Reuters report that at least four hostages at supermarket may have been killed. One BBC report says five killed.

BBC: how are governments going to deal with extremists going to the Middle East, getting trained, and returning to Europe with intent to wreak havoc?

And: Why did the French authorities not have a closer watch on the three killers? That may depend on how many suspicious people there are. It takes a lot of resources to keep watch on potential nutters.