‘Nobody better’ at bull?

Height of hypocrisy and bull

Hypocrisy and falsity abounds still at Whale Oil in a post by Cameron Slater – FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE SHOUTING DOWN OF OPPOSING VOICES

Nathan Smith has a brilliant opinion piece at NBR on freedom of speech, but more importantly the proclivity of people, mostly the left-wing to shout down or wanting to ban those who they disagree with.

Anyone who has observed or exerienced the shutting down of opposing voices, and the ban machine Pete Belt at Whale Oil over the last eighteen months will see the hypocrisy in accusing others of ‘shouting down’ or ‘wanting to ban’.

 The media proved fickle guardians of free speech then, and they remain fickle guardians of free speech today…unless it is their free speech being impinged…then they are very vocal.

Same with Slater. He has been moaning about Nicky Hager since being out Dirtied by him in July last year. Like…

We saw this last year with Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics. An attempt by the left wing, and enabled by their fellow travellers in the media to shut down debate and people and political discourse because they didn’t agree with them.

It was about much more than “didn’t agree with them”. It was about politicians using a blogger to throw mud while bragging about being the dirtiest of political dirtbags.

We see the campaigns continue to this day, with the beige badger stating that he thinks we’d be better off without this blog.

I don’t recall stating anything like that and I doubt Slater could find any quotes to back it up. I’ve reported on and even praised achievements at Whale Oil. He just can’t handle being criticised, and he’s given plenty of opportunity to be criticised.

UPDATE: jaspa says ” I am pretty sure I have seen you state that you would not want WO shut down.”

The hate is palpable, the anti-democratic and anti-freedom attitudes prevail, all egged on by the baying of their quite mad and narcissistic microscopic audiences.

I’ve never said or hate Slater or anyone or any website for that matter. He is making up ‘poor me’ stuff to give himself an excuse to whine.

The bottom line is that they are threatened, they are jealous and they can’t or won’t do what is required to try and beat me, so they must try to silence me. They won’t.

The martyr moans.

I’m not trying to beat anyone, and certainly not Slater. I don’t want to be anything like him and I don’t want Your NZ to be anything like Whale Oil.

What is particularly hypocritical about this from Slater is that he was involved with friends in trying to gag me and gag you here by slapping a court order on this site, and that was done illegally, or at least without any legal basis. When the judge realised he’d been conned he discharged to order.

Again, I don’t hate Slater nor want Whale Oil shut down.

I just find it sad that a blogger and a blog tyhat once had potential is now resorting to posting such hypocritical bull.

Orewa versus Twyford’s bull in a China shock

Don Brash’s Orewa speech on 27 January 2004:

The Orewa Speech was a speech delivered by the then-leader of the New Zealand National Party Don Brash to the Orewa Rotary Club on 27 January 2004. It addressed the theme of race relations in New Zealand and in particular the special status of Māori people. Brash approached the once-taboo subject by advocating ‘one rule for all'[1] and ending what he saw as the Māori’s special privileges

The speech was criticised not so much for its substance but for a perceived political intent behind it. It was widely claimed that Brash was “playing the race card”, winning support for his party by fuelling racist sentiment toward Māoridom.


The poll reaction – National up 17% to 45% two weeks later:bull

The year’s first Colmar-Brunton poll puts National at 45 per cent, seven points ahead of Labour.

That is a 17-point jump for National since December last year.

Don Brash is still 10 points behind Helen Clark as preferred leader but he has risen 11 points to 24 per cent.

Don Brash said it was because of his stance on race relations.

NZ Herald

Phil Twyford’s bull in a China shock 11 July 2015:

Tell us this new data. Tell us exactly what it shows.

So this data is the comprehensive sales record from a major Auckland real estate firm. It includes about 4000 individual records. It’s every house sold in the Auckland region over that three-month period.

What it shows, I think, is striking. Nearly 40% of the houses sold in that period went to people of Chinese descent, and as your introduction pointed out, the Chinese New Zealander population in Auckland, according to the most recent census data, is about 9%.

Now, that is a remarkable discrepancy, and, in my view, it’s simply not plausible to suggest, as many have done in the last couple of years, that the Chinese— ethnic Chinese people who are buying houses in Auckland are all Chinese New Zealanders.

It points, I think, to only one possible conclusion, and that is that offshore Chinese investors have a very significant presence in the Auckland real estate market when you consider that Auckland house prices are spiralling out of control at the moment. They went up on average by about $74,000 in the last three months.

Property speculation is rampant, and I believe on the strength of these numbers that offshore Chinese investors are a very significant part of what’s going on.

But here’s the problem, isn’t it, this analysis, your conclusions are based on surnames, aren’t they?
Yes, they are, and the statistical modelling that we did with this data basically attributes probability against each surname, as the surname predicts ethnic origin.

And if you look at these names, take, for example, the name Wang – W-A-N-G. Under the modelling we did, that has something like a 95% probability that that person is of Chinese descent. Take the name Lee – L-E-E. That has about a 40% probability that the person is Chinese.

So that’s how it’s done. We believe that it’s about 95% accurate, and it certainly points to a very strong conclusion.

At best that conclusion was made up and it may be quite wrong – see Who’s buying Auckland property?.

The poll reaction:

One News/Colmar Brunton poll for July 2015 – polling period Saturday 11th (Twyford Saturday) to Wednesday 15 July.

  • National 47% (down 1)
  • Labour  32% (up 1)
  • Greens 13% (up 3)
  • NZ First 7% (up 1)

A margin of error movement for both Labour and National. Some predicted Labour would score support off NZ First but no sign of that.

This is early for any poll changes to show but there certainly doesn’t look like any Orewa sized pool boost for Labour yet, and National seemed to pick up substantial support almost immediately.

This isn’t surprising, right wing racist dogwhistle reaction is probably quite different to left wing racist dogwhistle reaction (and it should be).