Armstrong rates Labour-NZ First Cabinet Ministers

John Armstrong has rated the first year performances of the Cabinet Ministers in the Labour-NZ First government (Greens are missed, presumably because their ministers are outside Cabinet).

Labour ministers:

  • JACINDA ARDERN, Prime Minister, Arts, Culture and Heritage, Child Poverty Reduction. Score: 9/10
    In short, Ardern is a class act. The public is entranced by her.
  • KELVIN DAVIS, Corrections, Maori Crown Relations, Tourism. Score: 2/10
    …has been a huge disappointment in Government.
  • GRANT ROBERTSON, Finance, Sport and Recreation. Score: 8/10
    As solid as the proverbial rock. Has done much to dispel Labour’s “spend, spend, spend” reputation
  • PHIL TWYFORD, Housing and Urban Development, Transport.  Score: 7/10
    And he may well get close enough to claim victory from the jaws of defeat.
  • MEGAN WOODS, Energy and Resources, Christchurch Regeneration, Research, Science and Innovation. Score: 6/10
    Smart and feisty, she is one to watch.
  • CHRIS HIPKINS, Education, State Services. Score: 6/10
    Walking a tightrope on teachers’ pay.
  • ANDREW LITTLE, Justice, Courts, Treaty Negotiations. Pike River Re-Entry.  Score: 8/10
    Little has flowered into being one of Labour’s ministerial stars.
  • CARMEL SEPULONI, Social Development, Disability Issues. Score: 5/10
    …it is taking a long time for anything to happen in her portfolio.
  • DAVID CLARK, Health. Score: 6.5/10
    …is not looking like ending up being a loser.
  • DAVID PARKER, Attorney General, Trade, Environment, Economic Development. Score: 7.5/10
    Labour’s wise owl. Not just smart, but street-smart to boot.
  • NANAIA MAHUTA, Māori Development, Local Government. Score: 5/10
    Pretty much invisible media-wise. But has quietly worked away…
  • STUART NASH, Police, Fisheries, Revenue. Score: 6/10
    Has hardly set the world alight. 
  • IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY, Workplace Relations, Immigration, ACC. Score: 5/10
    Prior to this week’s snafu over his decision to grant New Zealand residency to a Czech kick-boxer serving time for drug-smuggling, he had impressed as someone solid, careful and unflappable in portfolios…
  • JENNY SALESA, Building and Construction, Ethnic Communities. Score: 3/10
  • DAMIEN O’CONNOR, Agriculture, Biosecurity. Score: 7/10
    So far, his decisions seem to have been all the right ones.

NZ First ministers:

  • WINSTON PETERS, Foreign Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister, State Owned Enterprises, Racing. Score: 8.5/10
    Deserving of huge plaudits for refocusing New Zealand’s foreign policy…Deserving of equivalent-sized brickbat for his obvious, but yet-to-be explained, reluctance to admonish Russia…
  • TRACEY MARTIN, Children, Internal Affairs, Seniors. Score: 6/10
    Martin stumbled badly in her handling of the inquiry into the appointment of Wally Haumaha…Far more important as far as her party is concerned is that the flow of bad-news stories seeping out of Oranga Tamariki…
  • RON MARK, Defence. Score: 6/10
    At long last, New Zealand has a defence minister who actually wanted the portfolio.
  • SHANE JONES, Regional Economic Development, Infrastructure. Score: 8/10
    …a Comedy of Errors or All’s Well Which Ends Well. On his current form, you have to lean towards the latter.

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