Rino Tirikatene on Twitter

A number of MPs have got into trouble with Twitter. Last term NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor earned a reputation for tweeting gaffe after gaffe. She was dumped down the list by her party.

Yesterday someone suggested that Labour MP for Te Tai Tonga, Rino Tirikatene, may be headed for similar infamy.

He had this exchange with a journalist:

Well, stage a walkout then.
And miss all the fun? Not likely.Best I stay here and observe the shenanigans.
You are not paid to “have fun”. You are paid to hold the govt to account.

As if I needed reminding. Don’t worry, I’m only having fun at Nationals expense in my own snarky way. Much like yourself.

Yes.I particularly like spending your miniscule portion of tax while I’m here. It won’t make you happy but,hei aha

Gee there are some humourless people. Why do National’s trolls even bother.

Caffeine Addict is nowhere near being a National supporter or troll. His Twitter description: “NZ Journo/comms, and social media”.


Who’s ‘s press secretary. Who checks the checkers. Watch out for the bus cause the Nats. like rolling people in front.

Perhaps a press secretary/media person from Labour could have a quiet word with Rino.

Possibly the worst action of the day was this re-tweet:


It doesn’t look good for an MP to associate with and distribute comments like that.