Change of personal priorities in lockdown

It’s the same for me on Internet and car, but different for me on others.

Coffee is of zero importance, and sweatpants close to zero.

I’m dressing more casually but still tidily, and have kept to my normal workday routine of shower, shave and getting dressed before normal starting time for work.

I’m available for work earlier and later in the day and have no time away during the day so work is of equal importance but with more time available (but I’m having to look for catching up on tasks that have been a low priority in the past.


Car attack in Melbourne

There has been what appears to be an attack by car in Melbourne, with the current toll at three dead and about twenty injured. It is not thought to be a terror attack.

Sky News:  Three pedestrians killed by car in Melbourne

Three people are dead and many others injured after a man deliberately drove into a crowd in Melbourne’s Bourke St mall.

Up to 20 others are injured and a man has been arrested after a car struck pedestrians at the Elizabeth St end of the mall.

Victoria Police say they have arrested a suspect and that the indicent is thought to be connected to a stabbing earlier on Friday.

Officers told the media that the incident is not thought to be terrorism-related.

Attacks like this are horrific no matter who carries them out and no matter what their motive is.

UPDATE: The suspect has been shot and is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries

The incident was related to a stabbing in the Melbourne suburb of Windsor earlier today that left the man’s brother in a critical condition, police said.

Police say following the Windsor stabbing, the man took a woman who is known to him hostage, but she managed to escape.

What not to do in flooding

There’s been some flash flooding in Victoria (following earlier flooding in South Australia).

This shows what not to do when streets are flooded.

Steering doesn’t work well when floating. The fishing dude is funny.