Another celebrity death

Another celebrity death, this time Carrie Fisher who was an actress and author.  I guess that will give them something to fill news pages and news bulletins with for another day or two.

I know it’s a slow news time of year but 1 News led their 6 o’clock news for two days in a row with long items on the death of George Michael.

No doubt there will be another rush of laments in social media about how bad a year 2016 has been.

Actually people dying isn’t something new, millions of people die each year. And celebrity deaths are like the end of life for anyone.

I guess media glorification of celebrity deaths is a sign of the times. Ex musicians and ex actors and news presenters (who wish to be seen as celebrities) are an ageing population so over reactions to the deaths of a few are likely to be a thing in 2017 as well.

Deaths can be very sad for those who are close to the deceased, but grieving over people we never knew except as performers (so we never knew them as people) seems to be getting a bit over the top.

My favourite movie that Carrie Fisher was in was the Blues Brothers but I had no idea she was ‘Mystery Woman’ in that. When there were news reports that she had had a heart attack I recognised the name but didn’t know what she was known for – she was in Star Wars too.

Another death in the news too – Richard Adams, author of Watership Down. He was 96 so did pretty well compared to Fisher who was 60.

Deaths can be sad, especially for those who are close and new the people well. But media coverage tends to be done to death.

We only hear about a select few. There are about 55 million deaths per year, which is about 150,000 per day.

An ironic quote:

The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.

Stalin tried to avoid tragedy by creating a statistic.

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely – Budha