Merkel’s last term as German and European leader

Angela  Merkel has announced that she won’t stand again for leadership of the CDU party later this year, nor as chancellor of Germany, but she intends seeing out the current term (to 2021).


It is now time for me to share with you the following decision.

First, at the next CDU party conference in December in Hamburg I will not run for the office of party chairman.

Second, this, my fourth term, will be my last as chancellor of Germany. In the 2021 election I will not run for that office, or for a seat in the Bundestag.

And just for the record, I will not seek any political offices either.

That is still three years to go as chancellor – if she stays that long. The coalition government she currently leads was difficult to form, taking months after last year’s election, and may or may not last the distance.

Merkel has been a dominant European leader and a major world leader, but support for her and her party have  been slipping.