Charity boxing problems

I have always had concerns about charity boxing, where inexperienced boxers are put up against others with no way of being sure how well (or how poorly) they are matched.

I was very critical of putting an unfit, out of shape novice in his forties (Cameron Slater) up against a sports fit person in his twenties (Jessie Ryder). Unsurprisingly Slater was hammered – and will have suffered brain damage in the process. That may or may not have caused longer term problems.

Boxing is a risky sport – the aim of it is to cause brain damage.

It is very sad to see one charity boxer suffer enough brain damage to cause his death. I presume he knew the risks he was taking.

The only thing that surprises me about this is why it took so long.

‘Charity boxing’ organisers – which seems to mainly consist of putting inexperienced older men up against opponents of unknown ability and often of questionable fitness – must have a serious rethink about how to raise money.