Brown a repeat cheat and liar

Len Brown can’t be trusted. He is a repeat cheat and liar.

As mayor of Manukau he cheated with his credit card. He said he wouldn’t cheat again, but as mayor of Auckland he has now cheated on his phone use.

He has failed to account for a trip to Hong Kong in January.

He has failed to account for gifts including free hotel rooms.

He has lied about a number of things, only admitting accusations once proof makes continued lies impossible.

More of his claims and denials may yet be found to be lies. The biggest problem is that the public can have no confidence in Brown’s word. He can’t be trusted. I think that’s an untenable situation for a mayor.

Brown admits he “is not perfect” but has a job to do as mayor of Auckland. I think he’s too compromised to continue.

As well as cheating on Manukau council and on Auckland council Brown cheated on his first wife. And he cheated on his current wife.

While I agree that marital affairs are normally personal issues Brown involved his affair with Bevan Chuang with his job as mayor – bonking in his office and in other council offices, not reporting phone use as he is required, not reporting hotel freebies as he is required and compromising his decision making as a mayor.

Brown has tried to explain his affair with Chuang as ‘a mistake”. That’s a gross misrepresentation. It was a series of many personal and mayoral mistakes over two years.

A number of times Brown has implied or stated there is nothing worse, nothing more to reveal.

There have been claims Brown has had other affairs. If he has lied about that it is a very public issue, because it would mean he has lied to the public, again.

Brown needs to be asked to front up on whether there were more affairs. If the claims are false he should make it clear that they are wrong. So far he has failed to do that.

As mayor he cannot continue to avoid being open and truthful. Trust in Brown is already severely compromised.

And he has not yet owned up to the severity of his serial lying and cheating.

NZ Herald report:

Mr Brown has never apologised to the council for the two-year affair and showed little remorse on Friday when his free hotel rooms and upgrades were revealed.

Newstalk ZB report Len Brown “still has questions to answer”:

Len Brown is hoping Aucklanders will consider his conduct, including extensive personal use of a council cellphone, in context.

The Mayor thinks he’s done nothing wrong, and says the rules aren’t clear.

“There are differences of opinion, interpretation, and upgrades issue around gifting, the phone utilization, some of the stuff around my car.

“There hasn’t been a real clarity around that when there needs to be, and learnings.”

Len Brown says an overhaul of the issues will make the rules more clear.

No remorse. No proper apology. No good as mayor.