Can chemtrails protect against vaccine injuries?

The Science Post: Chemtrails may protect against vaccine injuries, study finds

PROVIDENCE, RI – In a new study coming out of Brown University, researchers concluded that being sprayed with chemtrails actually has a positive effect when it comes to vaccine injuries.

“We sprayed chemtrails over 3 different cities in Rhode Island and then followed children in those cities for 4 years,” said Dr. Frank Defano. “We saw a strikingly lower rate of vaccine injuries in the children from the chemtrail laden cities than the normal population.”

While not all the data are available from the study just yet, it appears as though only 20% of the children who were severely sprayed with chemtrails ended up developing autism after their vaccines; a much lower rate than the 80% who normally get autism from vaccines.

Governments have been secretly spraying their own countries with toxic chemtrails for decades and it is only thanks to brave mavericks with the ability to make YouTube videos that the general population is finally being informed.

This news hasn’t been reported by Breitbart yet so Donald Trump hasn’t picked up on it.

It’s worth keeping an open mind about what one finds online.


Colin Craig on chemtrails

3 News showed a response from Colin Craig about the chemtrail conspiracy:

I take an undecided stand on anything where I don’t have evidence for or against.

Presumably they got the topic off the Conservative Party website “Ask Colin”:

What is your position on chemtrails?

Our Party has no formal position on chemtrails.

I am aware of the theory that chemicals are being released at high altitude for some nefarious purpose but don’t know whether there is any truth in this or not.

Even if it clearly sounds loony? And a quick bit of research would provide sufficient evidence.

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