Thoughts regarding the doctored Pelosi video

Interesting thoughts and theory:

Ultimately it was a test. A test of how far one can go in doctoring video before platforms react and remove/downrank/censor the content. It was useful and served multiple purposes (as do most actions taken by these manipulators).

The eventual baseline method which will be used is even more subtle. Video Manipulation propaganda is headed toward customized recognition response which will be able to withstand platform scrutiny.

I’ll explain:

  1. The architects of propaganda gather info on who is hate-driven or can be persuaded to be hate driven. This data set already exists.
  2. Imagery and articles which trigger that segment’s hate response are then casually accompanied by a visual cue (ex: purple & green stripes).
  3. By including the subtle visual cue into targeted annoyances/imagery or alongside anger-inducing political articles via targeted advertising spots, the architects train the hate segment (and perhaps their periphery of friends) to react a certain way when that cue is seen.
  4. Visual cue is subtly doctored into the background of political target (ex: Pelosi) videos and the result is censorship-safe hate propaganda against a target. After all, how would you ever force Facebook to censor purple & green stripes?
  5. [The reality will be much more covert.]

What I think is pretty much certain is that there will be people and groups of people and organisations and probably governments going to great links to work out how to distribute more effective propaganda and fake news and attacks on people or parties or governments.

We need to be aware of this, and take care in what we accept as legitimate and what we need to be sceptical about.

Propaganda and attacks on oppoents and on populations have been happening for a long time. What has changed is technology, the technical means of creating and propagating propaganda.