Is Colin Craig deliberately dishonest?

I’ve just heard Colin Craig talking about his opposition to marriage equality on Q + A.

Apart from the marriage equality debate itself, Craig’s stance has a disconnect. His arguments against marriage equality are almost word for word what I hear repeated by religious proponents of “traditional” marriage (traditional actually meaning recent religious  marriage tradition).

Craig doesn’t mention religion in his anti-equality statements. He seems to always avoid mentioning religion in any of his media appearances, unless directly asked about his religious connections which he seems to downplay.

Craig may or may not have a soft connection with religion in his private life, I don’t think that matters.

But Craig seems to be obviously appealing to the conservative Christian vote. That’s his main constituency. He has recruited known conservative Christian candidates.

Shouldn’t he be more open and honest about the religious connection?

Is he being blatantly dishonest avoiding talking about religion in stances that are clearly and closely aligned with well known conservative Christian positions?

Crusader cowards

The Norway mass murders were acts of extreme cowardice, the bombing and killing of  innocent people, and particularly despicable was the  methodical killing of unarmed, defenseless  young people with no easy way of escaping their brutal execution. That’s about as despicable and gutless as you can get.

One apparent aim was to become a hero of the extreme right and a catalyst for cataclysm.

The Norwegian murderer has support on this side of the world. It’s not surprising,  small groups have been posting online of the hope for something like this to happen  – like minded people online may well have encouraged what happened in Norway –  and the mass killing  seems to meet with their approval. They are openly hopeful it is the beginning of the mass uprising they have been wishing for.

 The End is Nigh!
The time for talking and making friendly peace gestures is finished! Let the start of the ending begin!

It won’t happen.

Most of these gutless cretins  try to post up mayhem in the hope that someone else will do their dirty work for them – that’s why they applaud what happened in Norway.

They want mass murder in New Zealand – of anyone they oppose. They are so extreme they label almost everyone else as socialist enemies. But these are people that are almost universally rejected as too nuts and too extreme, even from places like Kiwiblog. They wouldn’t get the numbers to put together a lifestyle block flock of sheep.

There has been argument about how Christian the Norwegian killer was. What seems clear is he was strongly anti Islam, and strongly anti anyone deemed to be socialist, which in warped minds like his means anyone they don’t like.

That anti-ness is shared by the cluster of cowards in New Zealand (and posting from Australia trying to stir things up here). With some at least their own religious claims appear to be stronger,  they fool themselves they are  Christian – but they display hate and intolerance completely at odds with the concept of Christ. Herodic hypocrites.

Extracts from recent Crusader Rabbit posts are below. I’m going to post there expressing my disgust at their aims of mayhem and murder in New Zealand. They will censor and delete the posts, but the more people that stand up and make opposition to their hate for and opposition to  our democratic way of life known the more they will get the message they have no wider support.

The End is Nigh!

Kris K:
Rather than the pot slowing coming to the boil, and all the ‘frogs’ simply thinking they’re in a nice warm spa, by turning up the heat from luke-warm instantaneously to 100°C perhaps some of the ‘frogs’ will jump out, realising they’re being cooked alive, and will scream blue-bloody-murder to all the other dumbass ‘frogs’ about their common predicament, some of whom may consequently turn on those applying the heat.

There appears to be definite method to his [Breivik] “sanity” …

What we have witnessed is the first round in a war to rid Europe of the colonizers, elitists and nannies.

Obviously Katie, you get the message!

Brievik’s action is but a small, overdue response to the cultural murder that has been done daily by Western Leftists for decades now. It won’t be the last.

Oswald Bastable:
One can start to sympathize with shooting snot-nosed loud-mouthed socialist oiks…

One can.

Some were kids, most were adults hmm.  If given the opportunity would you take a trip back down the time tunnel to kill Hitler, Stalin, Himmler, Ribbentropp, Hess, Bormann, Trotsky, Lenin or Marx when it would be easy, like when they were kids or young adults?

The Delusional Left and the Norway Massacre

As you say Kris, once you lose sight of God’s love than anything becomes possible and the more distance one stays from the light the darker the thought and the deeds become.

Kris K:
Spot on, Keith – and perhaps suitable motivation for someone who was aware of the above truths to take radical actions like we’ve just seen occur in Norway.

From Seneca, a guest post:

– so, I also repeat: there is no vitriol dark enough for these quislings and traitors; they have pushed us to where a bullet is now thw answer. Enter Brievik. He won’t be the last.

Kris K:
I agree, Seneca – it is more a case of the “middle class” who are either blind to, or refuse to acknowledge the evil agenda of the Socialist ‘elite’. These, in the main, are the real useful idiots, rather than your average “blue collar” worker.

When the uprising occurs it will consist primarily of blue collar workers and those others who have their eyes open to the truth.

Yes indeed. And the middle classes will look on in horror and disapproval while others do the fighting for them.